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Absolut Elyx lands in Manila

Came from the event at Republic club for the presentation of a new vodka launching from Absolut. Elyx is a refined elixir not to mix with any soda, just to drink on the rocks. And the Philippines is the first place to try it in Asia.

Launched in Manila earlier this year, ABSOLUT ELYX is the product of 500 years of vodka-making expertise. The uniqueness of ABSOLUT ELYX lies in the natural ingredients and the traditional artisan methods used to make it. It is crafted from hand-selected estate wheat, and blended with soft and naturally filtered water, providing unsurpassed purity and quality. An instant “contemporary classic”, ABSOLUT ELYX is deliberately produced in small batches according to generations-old techniques, using an authentic 1929 copper rectification still, which is the key component to creating the super premium vodka’s signature taste.

Kuya Manzano and Tony Altamimi went together to the event.
Pernord Ricard Philippines’ Managing Director, Mr. Kevin Lee, led the night’s activities highlighting ABSOLUT ELYX as the new modern classic. VIP guests, artists, and media friends were treated to inspired performances by the Techy Romantics, electronic violinist Princess Ybañez, live ballerina pole expression dance, and explosive music by International DJ J. Espinosa (San Francisco).

Electronic Violinist, Princess Ybañez, provided the electrifying music for the live ballerina pole expression dances.
And one of the best surprise was to discover the host was my friend and coactress in Marco Polo the musical, which we are preparing for 2014 in Manila and Asean tour.

Jennifer Blair Bianco, the beautiful host of the Absolut Elyx Party.

Thank you friend Amiel Mendoza for inviting me to join your event, a pleasure. I’ll have to start drinking vodka on the rocks from now on then!

Why to watch Camp Rock the musical in the Philippines

Coz Nel Gomez is awesome in his role, you sure know him from TV. Now he strarts a solo singer career and I’m sure Camp Rock helps him a lot coz he really gets to showcase his dancing, acting and singing.

Coz Repertory Philippines is the longest English running company in the Philippines (45 years old) and this is their 413th production. They and PETA started long time ago.

Coz Ms. Baby Barredo, the founder of Rep and theater legend, gave pointers personally several times to the performers.

Coz it’s directed by Audie Gemora, director of High School musical, so if you love that one, you’ll love this one.

Coz you can see live cute Markki Stroem. Actor also in Slumber Party the movie we both open Nov 29.

Coz the cast is full of energy and first time super happy performers. I’m glad I made a good job announcing the auditions so lots of youngsters came.

Coz the costumes are by Raven Ong and he’s always a sure bet. Check the costumes in Wizard of OZ, amazing. We met doing Peter Pan the musical in Meralco theater, he totally nailed it there as well.

Coz it’s a cute story about romance and following your passion. I always enjoy films and plays of people who work hard and succeed.

Coz there’s a cool dance challenge offered by Justin Valiente to Nel Gomez.

Coz Morissette, the female lead is so pretty aside from singing great, nice belting. And acts in a very believable way.

Coz you will laugh a lot with the acting of Jeff Flores. Never met him, and I really look forward to watching him again or working with him in the future.

Coz it’s full of pretty people. Did I say with  A LOT OF ENERGY? Like Justine Peña. 😀 personal crush.

Another important discovery as an actress for me is Kiara Dario. She’s only 14 years old and OMG, there is an actress there. Super talented. Lets all follow her career from now on.

Don’t wanna leave out good performers and friends coz there are so many so I won’t detail anymore. Good job!

Coz there’s a lot of shows you can still watch. Check all of the performances here:

2011-2012 record of achievements in the Philippines

I thought of keeping a diary of monthly achievements for my Philippine life. Coz I really do a lot of things normally and usually I torment myself with a feeling of lazyness and thinking I’m not effective enough. Also I tend to forget things, so this will be a good diary.

I should say to be fair with myself that since I got to the Philippines I’ve been very succesfull.

In 2011 I did 2 musicals and an opera aside from adjusting to a new country.

Seussical, the musical. 6 months running in Greenbelt 1 as Wickersham character. A Repertory Philippines company production, directed by Joy Virata and choreographed by Edna Vida. More pics. Had a lot of fun, made friends and proved I can dance after all. I was the favorite of the choreographer (think it was coz of my akwardness).

– Peter Pan the musical, in Meralco Theater. Nov 2011. By Rep. Philippines again directed by Jaime del Mundo and Metxu Lauchenco-Yulo. With Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos leading the play. More pics. Also learned a lot and was very busy learning my new play in Tagalog in December…

Noli me Tangere, the opera. Dec 2011. In the lead role of Ibarra. By Dulaang UP. More pics. What an experience. Completely in Tagalog I had to memorize sylable by sylable coz didn’t know much.

That was fantastic, got a lot of press specially because I’m a Rizal descendant and was playing his character naman. Check the press folder please.

– In the middle of all that I recorded a couple of songs with The Filipino Tenors. A group that started then and are singing in galas and TV now regularly. I had to quit because of the Noli rehearsals, schedule conflict.

In 2012 I had several concerts, guest participations. In The Men of Lunar Saints, Palladium club and 7th High club.

I modelled in a catwalk for the first time in my life and for a bodypainting event. Check the bodypaint pics, they’re awesome!

Many photoshoots with photographer Marian Yu. Too many to show each one now. You have all the pics in the fanclub actually.

Ganed 11.000 followers in FB and 1.000 in Twitter since I got to the Philippines. Total 13,388 in FB and 2.000 in Twitter.

Joined a theater play with Carlos Celdran: Living la vida Imelda. Political intended play. Super fun and meaningfull. I learned a lot of recent Pinoy history. This man is great! More pics of this performance art play.

Then I worked in production of an international super production show at Manila Hotel. Fuerza Bruta.

And all the TV and movie career here started for me

Walang Hanggan for ABS-CBN with Coco Martin. As an Italian policeman imprisoning him. Check the video.

Enchanted Garden for TV5 with BB Gandanghari. 3 chapters shot in Subic and a great result. Video.

And 5 movies so far: Supremo, Bad Romance, Si Agimat si Enteng at Ako, Slumber Party and Death Match (Japanese production). All to open soon.

Lots of pics in the fanclub so check one folder a day not to get saturated 😀

The Woman in Black in Manila review: world class theater by a college group?

I was in a total rush to catch the play at 8 pm in Teatrino theater. Coming from my own event and then a casting there was big chances not to catch the gift for the senses that Mr. Toots Tolentino, the PR of this play, had prepared for us.
Arriving a few minutes before the curtain went up, we didn’t have time to shoot proper pictures to illustrate this and I hope another article by my colleague. So we started shooting during the play and the producer came to ask us to delete them because of intellectual property rights.  I’m guessing the right owners really are strict about a play full of light effects and surprises to create that mystery halo of scare ness it has.
Jeremy Domingo, William Manzano & Reb Atadero.
Excited because I’m gonna watch my friend Jeremy Domingo perform, an incredible actor, now I know after watching him carry on all those characters so fast and with so many accents. He explained to the press that it’s really part of his normal job as a voice over talent to master a lot of different accents and voices.
I must admit that as a Spaniard I had a hard time to understand all the text with so many different accents. I was just amazed anyhow every time Jeremy changed character and voice and physicality.
Reb Atadero played the other character. Never met him before and must say he’s also a very good actor giving us a central character to conduct the whole story thru. Also a funny person as he showed during the presscon after the show.
Direction by William Elvin Manzano. Knew him from my role in Noli me tangere the opera, his girlfriend played a character in the play. Not sure if we are related actually, but there are not so many Manzanos in the Philippines, right? So…
I knew W.E. Manzano was a musician, and now I know he’s a DIRECTOR oh yes, with big letters. This output was so professional, so taken care of every detail. He made the actors really alive and constantly active with the energy always up. And lights, props, timing all in place.
Knowing the pay was produced by Dulaang Kalay, a college theater group, I was so surprised to see this impressive output. Congratulations to all the team. And congratulations for taking the decision of teaming up with Word of Mouth Theater coz’ all together you made it come true.
A special mention to the light design by Meliton Roxas Jr. So sad not to have the pictures of his lighting. It really created an atmosphere to believe. Scary and beautiful.

Precious Cundañgan, Jeremy Domingo, William Manzano & Kuya Manzano.

Thanks to Teatrino for lowering the aircon in the second half. During the first part we were all hugging and covering because of the low temperature, but I even thought it was a part of the ambient of the play, to get us into the foggy site.
And thanks to the sponsors, specially the FIC icecream. Great detail to greet us with one before the start.
KuyaManzano. Manila, 2012.

Pictures by Marian Yu.

Things that make me happy

Massage makes me happy.

Playing boxing in the Xbox makes me happy.

Seeing my social networks growing makes me happy.

Reggae music makes me happy.

Sex makes me happy.

Food makes me happy.

The gym makes me happy.

A hug makes me happy.

Good work makes me happy.

When they treat me like a star it makes me happy.

To have tons of free time makes me happy.

Broadway musicals make me happy.

Singing makes me happy.

Having workers makes me happy.

True friends make me happy.

Money makes me happy.

Gratitude makes me happy.

To hear you clapping makes me happy.

When I enlighten or inspire someone it makes me happy.

To look sexy makes me happy.

To turn on others makes me happy.

When people appreciate my work that makes me happy.

Superhero movies make me happy.

Martial arts make me happy.

When my teachers believe in me it makes me happy.

When my directors believe in me it makes me happy.

Pedro Calungsod, the film.



A Motion Picture by Francis O. Villacorta

GENRE: Historical Drama (Biography)
FILM PRODUCTION: Wings Entertainment / Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc.
Director/ Writer/ Producer: FRANCIS O. VILLACORTA
In celebration of the forthcoming canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod on October 21, 2012 in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy, we are working on an independent film on the life and martyrdom of the next Filipino saint.
Dubbed “Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir”, the digital film stars JM DE GUZMAN of ABS-CBN’s telenovela “Angelito”.
Pedro Calungsod was a young, teenage Visayan-Filipino catechist and a pioneering overseas Filipino worker who served under Jesuit missionary Father Diego de San Vitores (to be played by CHRISTIAN VASQUEZ) in the Spanish mission to the Marianas (known today as Guam) to propagate the Christian faith in 1668-1672, since the people there at that time were “pagans” (didn’t believe in GOD).
His dramatic life was cut short when he was killed by Chamorro natives at 17 years old while protecting the mission superior, Father San Vitores.
A moving and inspiring story of a young man’s love of God, the film will have its Philippine theatrical release in November 2012. The film will also have an eight (8) month nationwide screening tour of religious communities, corporate and government organizations, youth civic groups, elementary, high school and universities (October 2012 to May 2013).
PADRE LUIS DE MEDINA — a soft-hearted Spanish Jesuit missionary and close friend of Padre Diego de San Vitores who baptized the native Chamorros of the Marianas Island (old Guam) and who was eventually killed. Thin, lanky, and dedicated to his evangelical work.
FRANCIS O. VILLACORTA is a theater artist (playwright, director, producer) and a History-Political Science graduate from De La Salle University.
He has previously mounted “Oedipus Rex” (1997), “Juan Luna” (2000), “The Diary of Anne Frank” (2002), “Bayan-Bayanan” (2003), “Sa Ngalan ng Ama” (2004), “Doctor Faustus” (2006), “Hamlet” (2006), “Tatlong Kuwento ng Bagong Bayani” (2007) , “Beloved Beata: The Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Story” (2007), “Batang Bosco” (2008), “Saint Scholastica” (2008), “The Virgin of the Poor” (2008), “Dominic” (2009), “The Jose P. Laurel Story” (2009), “Confessions of a Soul: The Life of Saint Augustine” (2009), “Journey to Rotary: The Paul Harris Story” (2010) and “Francisca de Manila: the Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo Story” (2011).
He is scheduled to mount on stage “Man of the Masses: The Ramon Magsaysay Story” and “Venceremos: Che Guevarra”. Soon, he is set to lens films on”Pedro Calungsod: Batang Ama”, “Voltar”, “Tomas Claudio: The Forgotten Hero”, and “The Good Fighter: The Manuel L. Quezon Story”.

Things I want and desire

I want

I want money.

I want sex.

I want power.

I want a world with enhanced minds who don’t believe nonsense they told them from birth.

I want honest police.

I want to enjoy life having pleasure every day.

I want to sing like Placido Domingo.

I want to be a rock star.

I want to be a movie star.

I want have a peaceful and relaxed life.

I want unisex toilets.

I want unisex clothing.

I want unisex names.

I want questionnaires without a gender box, or civil status box, or address box.

I want to be treated as any other customer or better.

I want special food.

I want to be the first to be attended.

I want freedom of speech and thought.

I want art with a message.

I want to be taller.

I want to be sexier.

I want a taxi company soon maybe.

I want professional employees who I can trust.

I want to create something revolutionary.

I want to create a new religion where I’m the god.

National 1st price in Pinoy inventions: board game Challenge 21.

This week there was a big exposition in SMX about Philippine inventions. Inventors awarded from all over the country came to contest to win the national invention price.

I personally endorse and recommend you play and buy Challenge 21 the board game. Winner of the “Most outstanding invention 2011 NCR-RICE” and now 1st price Nation wide!

Invented by Mr. Leonard Yu and promoted by all his family everyday thru their company Global Pulse (phone: 522 85 83).

This game has been played, as you can see their endorsements in the expo, by generals, doctors, lawyers… and all recommend it as an outstanding new game.

It enhances your mind and your kids and friends minds at the time it promotes family bonding.

It’s a mixture of tic-tac-toe, chess, checkers, scrabble. A strategy competition where you will need to pursue your goal at the time you block others, so they don’t achieve it before you.

You need to get 21 points or more in order to win the game and say DEAL!

How? Forming figures with your triangle colored pieces. Depending on how you combine them it will add or rest points. The figures have names related with animals and farm: kite, butterfly, shark teeth…

And they’re offering a job-business opportunity now. If you think you can sell the game because you have a store or many friends into this kind of games… call the company ‘coz they have big discounts for bulk buyers.

A good way of training your brain: imagination, strategic thinking, having fun. Recommended for elder to maintain, younger to develop, and middle to strengthen.

I had a great time, have it at home, already gave it as a birthday gift to a friend and her daughter and can’t wait to play again.

Government against Church in the Philippines finally!

Ok. So finally a congressman in the Philippines has the guts to stand against religion.
Disclaimer: Don’t read if you are a Christian who can get your feelings easily hurted.

I’m a bit scandalized to see a journalist saying he is crazy and he should worry about other stuff and a friend of mine in Facebook even said “don’t tell me where to worship my god”.
Oh My God! What’s wrong with all you people! What year are you living in!
Kuya Manzano – Photo: Antonio Beas

I thought we were in 2012, when people can internet, go to other planets, videoconference and that it was the moment of the awakening global new age conscience that makes us all smarter and aware of these fairytales told for thousands of years!
Don’t tell me where to worship my god? Exactly. So please don’t tell me or any other person who goes to a public office to renew his driver’s license about your god. I’m not interested. And it is very offensive to see your Christian stuff all over the place.  That’s not your office, you work there, but that’s from the government, that’s public, that’s everyone’s, that’s mine as well. So don’t decide for the rest of us and turn into a church what is a place for all the Filipinos.
Let’s remember that the Philippines is a multicultural, multireligious country. Even Christians here have so many different branches. So to live all in peace respecting the others, don’t put a cross near me. I even get rushes just by imagining it.
Cheers for congressman Palatino from the Kabataan party list!
And for that journalist… this is exactly his job, to do politics. And that’s what the church does ever since it started, they are a political-power organization that has ruled half of the world for ages. Other countries realized this long time ago, come on Philippines! Wake up!
Don’t be afraid of not worshipping a god! Why do you consider the Greek gods as myths and think your Christian stuff is real?
I’m an Spanish-Filipino actor who just arrived from Spain. In Spain they didn’t allow the actors to be buried in the cemetery because it’s holly soil and actors were always considered bad moral people who are influenced by the devil.
So I guess I have no choice but to feel far from an organization that has treated me and my kind so badly ever since. Same happens with the homosexuals, same happens with the Muslims, same happens with couples who cannot have kids, etc, etc, etc.
Kuya Manzano
Actor – Singer – Director – Producer