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Raelian Movement in Filipino TV

Kuya Manzano, Raelian guide in the Philippines, explains to GMA TV what they are about.

For more info about the Raelian Movement in the Philippines here their Facebook Page.

2018 achievements

It is good to celebrate all wins in life!

Nice to remind myself that I am doing progress.




  • 315 pushups in a day
  • Met my girlfriend
  • Got cured of incurable hiatus hernia and Barret’s esophagus sickness

How to get laid more

Main motivation to do anything for many people is sex!

What do people find attractive from other people and make them want to get in bed with them…

  1. Sexiness: nice face and body.
  2. Power: fame or influence.
  3. Money: if you can provide their dreams they will lay with you too.
  4. Intelligence: if they admire your brain you can screw them.
  5. Talent: perform and touch their hearts.

The good news is that all these requirements can be built with effort.

You can decide to be pretty with make up, taking care, plastic surgery…

So you can see how you can look totally pretty of you want. And same goes for the body. You can lose weight and get fit with diet, gym and even plastic surgery. Even grandpas achieve this. It is your choice…

Want fame and influence power? Never been easier with social media! I can help you get where you want online. Send me a message through the FB page Here my plan to reach 1 Million followers myself with progress report.

Money is clearly possible to build up. How many cases have we seen of people going from rags to riches, right? Check the Henry Sy story…

Personally I set a goal to have a net worth of $1M in 10 years time. See the plan and progress here. And a personal tip I learned for building wealth in this video…

Intelligence… it is very relative. Look, if you can wow them knowing a lot more than them in anything they have interesting in learning, that can also put them in your bed. Become an expert in your field and many opportunities with sapiosexuals will come your way.

And as for talent… many people tell me they wanna be performers, that is their dream… I say if you are serious about it and want it badly. They take it as your main studies for a few years, get deep into it and then start performing. It is hard like any other profession.

So decide if you wanna do the effort and build any of these qualities.

Tip: miracles and magic don’t exist. Nothing comes free. You gotta pay the price!

Plan to get 1 Million USD

I set a goal to have net worth of 1 Million USD in 10 years time. Join me in the journey!

To make it easier I broke the amounts to achieve per year and make increments of 30% yearly more or less.

The purpose of writing and publishing it here is to visualize it, to be accountable to you, to inspire, to show the progress.

Yearly increments proposed…

  1. 50k by year 2019. DONE by June.
  2. 70k by year 2020. Progress 76%
  3. 100k by year 2021.
  4. 150k by year 2022.
  5. 200k by year 2023.
  6. 250k by year 2024.
  7. 350k by year 2025.
  8. 500k by year 2026.
  9. 700k by year 2027.
  10. 1 Million by year 2028.

Actions towards glory

  • Bought 2 apartments and a commercial space lot since 2002 and rented them out to pay for the mortgage. Loans of 120%, zero down. Results, lots of headaches and break even cash flow. Good side is the mortgage is being paid and contributing to the net worth every month.
  • Work as an actor and singer since 1998.
  • Work in many other tasks since 1998: waiter, farm boy, writer, social media manager, webmaster, software programmer, tour guide, language interpreter, language teacher, anything under the sun…
  • Operator for Uber / Grabcar in the Philippines
  • Created and running coffee shop in the Philippines called iChill Theater Cafe
  • Investor at Marzfuel gas stations in the Philippines

Progress and plans

  • We are ahead of target. Will create a mix of passive steady income and concrete one time only actions. Optimize also the ones we already have…
  • Reduce debt ahead of time so the income from real estate will give more profit each month and save tons in mortgage interest.
  • Claim pending amounts from different businesses that we are entitled to.
  • Sell feature film Changing Direction online.
  • Distribute films of other creators.
  • Accept new jobs be it performing or office work.
  • Turn the coffee shop into profits or sell the business

Hope this helps clarify, see it and pursue it more clearly. Do you have any tips or comments, reach me out through PM in any social media channel, I am omnipresent and check the PMs personally. Thank you for joining me in this adventure!

10 July 2014: TV interview and meetings

– Settled apointments for new employees at iChill: they didn’t come
– Poster printing for iChill
– Social media marketing
– Fixing the motorcycle again
– Interview for ANC TV Cityscape program by host Barbie Salvador
– Improving the looks of the food at iChill
– Meeting with customer rewarding system Pouch, studying possibilities of a better deal if they want to do it

9 July 2014: Fruitful Day!

Fuitful day!

– Social media marketing
– Created and promoted events for the weekend at iChill
– Checking on Pizza business to be incorporated to the menu at iChill
– Checking on electricity saving systems for iChill
– Meeting with Home Delivery system for iChill
– Meeting with Theater in Marikina and set a date for the Broadway concert already on July 26 at 6:30pm

It’s good to publish here coz I achieve more! TY 🙂

3-6 July 2014: Savings and researching

A few days without publishing make me loose track and produce less I think. To publish is to commit.

3 July

– SAVINGS. Found new provider for the Cafe way cheaper and still same quality
– Beautified the shop with some upgrades.
– Socialized and supported the opening of a film from an actor friend
– Made some calls about posible extra jobs
– social media

4 July
– bank errands
– motorbike repairing
– shopping for ichill
– social media

5 July
– new wifi system at ichill
– motorbike fixing
– social media

6 July
– 3h. Online articles 3 of 3 down. Job finished, waiting for payment.
– 3h feeding my mind with the Filipino Freethinkers.
– Exercise for healthy body and energy and awake mind.
– 3 hours researching how to lower the electric bill of our Coffee Shop.
– 1h preparing my loading phone business
– social media

Seems I didn’t cash much these past days, but I did research for savings and made actual savings and upgrades, so that’s also profitable work after all.

29 June 2014 Diary and work progress of an artist and businessman

Day to be at home for the whole day and catch up with errands and office work.

They proposed a swimming pool day, but it’s very far from the city. Kindda feel like coz I wanna meet those new people from a humanist organization. Guess I can meet them better when there’s a meeting in the city.

Programmed for artist side:
– Have to program urgent rehearsal and put up a band to join a new band contest in TV… URGENT & IMPORTANT, messages sent.
– edit videos: katipunan, broadway concert, day at Social media day. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT.
– publish pictures of Toycon and TV interview. NOT URGENT & IMPORTANT
– social media URGENT & IMPORTANT

Programmed for money:
– Write 5 articles. URGENT AND IMPORTANT
– Banks errands online for Spain URGENT AND IMPORTANT
– prepare Spanish lesson for tomorrow URGENT AND IMPORTANT

Programmed for iChill:
– social networks URGENT AND IMPORTANT

– Clean the house NOT URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT

On GREEN the things I achieved and not HIGHLIGHTED are the tasks I didn’t do. Now I realize I can post here all my pendings or it will never end. Actually I gotta fit in my agenda all the pendings so they are scheduled in realistic time frames.

I also realize how I spen time doing NOT URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT tasks when I should have done those pending tasks…

Why do I do those little things when I’m supposed to do the most important ones? Why do I get lazy about certain tasks and procrastinate forever? Why do I auto-sabotage myself very frequently?

But hey, I got to do a lot of immportant things. Specially the money part today.