Hamlet - Theater in the Philippines.

Hamlet – Theater in the Philippines

Ikarus Productions presents “Hamlet” at DITO Bahay ng Sining, a theater in the Philippines. One of the most memorable and perhaps most disturbing among William Shakespeare’s plays, it tells the story of Hamlet, heir to the throne of Denmark, whose sanity started hanging by a thread after his father’s untimely demise and her mother’s marriage to her uncle. He immediately sensed something is wrong and plotted revenge before his insanity goes full circle. Or has it?


CLAUDIUS… Gian Carlo Patello IV

HORATIO… Jan Leyson

Hamlet - Theater in the Philippines
GERTRUDE… Natalia Go

Hamlet - Theater in the Philippines
POLONIUS… Andre Alcantara

Hamlet - Theater in the Philippines
LAERTES… Sky Abundo

Hamlet - Theater in the Philippines
OPHELIA… Danielle de Leon

Hamlet - Theater in the Philippines.
HAMLET… Kuya Manzano

Lighting Designer… Jan Leyson asstd. by Gian Carlo Patello IV
Sounds Designer…. Jonathan Rodriguez
Production Designer… Claudine Delfin & Jay Crisostomo IV
Graphic Designer… Claudine Delfin
Direction… Jay Crisostomo IV

Director Jay Crisostomo IV chose to present the play with a neutral accent as he views this as more about entering the mind of Hamlet rather than focusing on getting the accents right. “It is a story which must be told with the ferocity of its topic but with also the gentleness of its protagonist. Hamlet screams ‘Murther!’ but before that final scream was the million-billion struggles which comes from the meek heart of a boy,” he shares.

The critically-acclaimed play will be staged on February 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28 and March 6, 7 and 8 at DITO Bahay ng Sining located in J. Molina St. corner Guizama St., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City. It will also be staged on iChill Theater Cafe on March 13 and 14 at 8pm and March 15 at 4pm. Directions and instructions as to how to get to DITO Bahay ng Sining can be referred to Arion through his contact details  0935 966 8769 or email ikarus.ph@gmail.com. Directions on going to iChill Theater Cafe can be accessed through Facebook & Twitter. Other details regarding special discounts and other similar deals can be seen on my official Facebook page, Kuya Manzano Fan Page, and my Twitter account @kuyamanzano. Hope to see you there. Gracias!