2011-2012 record of achievements in the Philippines

I thought of keeping a diary of monthly achievements for my Philippine life. Coz I really do a lot of things normally and usually I torment myself with a feeling of lazyness and thinking I’m not effective enough. Also I tend to forget things, so this will be a good diary.

I should say to be fair with myself that since I got to the Philippines I’ve been very succesfull.

In 2011 I did 2 musicals and an opera aside from adjusting to a new country.

Seussical, the musical. 6 months running in Greenbelt 1 as Wickersham character. A Repertory Philippines company production, directed by Joy Virata and choreographed by Edna Vida. More pics. Had a lot of fun, made friends and proved I can dance after all. I was the favorite of the choreographer (think it was coz of my akwardness).

– Peter Pan the musical, in Meralco Theater. Nov 2011. By Rep. Philippines again directed by Jaime del Mundo and Metxu Lauchenco-Yulo. With Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos leading the play. More pics. Also learned a lot and was very busy learning my new play in Tagalog in December…

Noli me Tangere, the opera. Dec 2011. In the lead role of Ibarra. By Dulaang UP. More pics. What an experience. Completely in Tagalog I had to memorize sylable by sylable coz didn’t know much.

That was fantastic, got a lot of press specially because I’m a Rizal descendant and was playing his character naman. Check the press folder please.

– In the middle of all that I recorded a couple of songs with The Filipino Tenors. A group that started then and are singing in galas and TV now regularly. I had to quit because of the Noli rehearsals, schedule conflict.

In 2012 I had several concerts, guest participations. In The Men of Lunar Saints, Palladium club and 7th High club.

I modelled in a catwalk for the first time in my life and for a bodypainting event. Check the bodypaint pics, they’re awesome!

Many photoshoots with photographer Marian Yu. Too many to show each one now. You have all the pics in the fanclub actually.

Ganed 11.000 followers in FB and 1.000 in Twitter since I got to the Philippines. Total 13,388 in FB and 2.000 in Twitter.

Joined a theater play with Carlos Celdran: Living la vida Imelda. Political intended play. Super fun and meaningfull. I learned a lot of recent Pinoy history. This man is great! More pics of this performance art play.

Then I worked in production of an international super production show at Manila Hotel. Fuerza Bruta.

And all the TV and movie career here started for me

Walang Hanggan for ABS-CBN with Coco Martin. As an Italian policeman imprisoning him. Check the video.

Enchanted Garden for TV5 with BB Gandanghari. 3 chapters shot in Subic and a great result. Video.

And 5 movies so far: Supremo, Bad Romance, Si Agimat si Enteng at Ako, Slumber Party and Death Match (Japanese production). All to open soon.

Lots of pics in the fanclub so check one folder a day not to get saturated 😀