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12 reasons most Filipinos are poor

List of loser mentality and practices

  1. Belief that the destiny is up to God.
    1. Your destiny in in your hands, you have the power.
  2. Use salary to help parents, siblings and relatives before themselves.
    1. Love yourself. If you are rich, you can help others better.
  3. Never invest.
    1. A salary can only go so far, even if it is a big salary…
  4. Smoke and drink.
    1. Spending time, health, money. And damaging brain, taking worse decisions the next day and being less productive.
  5. Believing in luck.
    1. Results are about sweat, not magic!
  6. Gossiping.
    1. Envy and negativity attract more of that to yourself.
  7. Begging in the streets and online.
    1. Nobody likes a needy person. Everybody loves people who give. Be a giver and never beg.
  8. Believing someone will fix their life for them: President, Angels, Boss, rich husband…
    1. The only person to save you is You!
  9. Never mastering the English language.
    1. It is not funny that you have bad English. It’s so easy for a Filipino to brush up English, more than any other language, we grew up with English around!
  10. Playing video-games.
    1. Epidemic of young and not so young playing video-games in their spare time is alarming, unproductive and mind harming.
  11. Being lazy when the boss is not watching.
    1. Perfect reason to be fired because you are not productive for the company! Not sulit!
  12. Spending time and money patronizing the Catholic church.
    1. You can pray at home and save time and money going to the church.
    2. It is a religion who loves the poor and says it is hard for a rich person to go to heaven. Bad motivation.
    3. It makes people small and fearing an all mighty god. Makes you weak.

This are reasons I found after some years living in the Philippines as an employer and seeing many repeated practices that keep people in the mud forever.

The problem is not economic, it is mental. A change of mindset would change their pockets.

We have successful Filipino titans who came from zero to the top. It is possible for anyone.

I write this post not to put anyone down, but to awaken even if 1% of the people who read it. I am happy to take the bashing and the hate of 99% if I can save one Filipino by turning on the spark towards change, effort, success.

Plan to get 1 million followers online

One of my life goals for the next 10 years is to have 1 million followers online, how?

How Should Your Org Use Social Media? « Conference 365

  1. Declaring it to the world so you hold me accountable! DONE
  2. Opening accounts in any main social media platform and even new ones. DONE
  3. Post often and interesting. DONE
  4. Set yearly number goals with increases of 30% per year aprox:
    1. 50k by year 2018. DONE
    2. 70k by year 2019. DONE EARLY AT 2018.
    3. 100k by year 2020.
    4. 150k by year 2021.
    5. 200k by year 2022.
    6. 250k by year 2023.
    7. 350k by year 2024.
    8. 500k by year 2025.
    9. 700k by year 2026.
    10. 1 Million by year 2027.
  5. Go live regular. 10%
  6. Promote paid posts and campaigns. DONE
  7. Create viral content. 2 VIRALS (millions of views)
  8. Post controversy and don’t be afraid of haters, you need them! Without haters you are nobody! DONE
  9. Cross over marketing between platforms. DONE

Are you following me in social media? Do you like the content? Suggestions and comments are welcome through any social media platform. Thank you!


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Love and Infinity! Kuya Manzano 🙂

Binondo the musical subjective experience at Solaire theater

Congrats to the cast and crew of Binondo the musical closing tonight at Solaire Theater!

This is gonna be a very personal blog post of my very subjective trip. And will write in random order haha.

My Chinese friend Sam Tan enjoyed it more than the Lion King! And he is a musical theater connoisseur so that is a big compliment. Also being Chinoy it makes it very relatable.

Most Filipinos have some Chinese and some Spanish blood mix, so this is a musical for every Filipino to watch. Hope they can rerun it in the future.

Miss Rebecca Chuaunsu

Giant effort by Miss Rebecca Chuaunsu to produce, put together, give birth to the story of her uncle. This is a Herculean task. I have produced and directed before and I can relate of the incredible amount of effort that that can be. So thankful for her patronizing iChill Theater Cafe for her auditions and workshops.

I don’t speak Tagalog, I was hoping for subtitles for the Chinese or Tagalog lines hahaha. No luck. Tho I could follow the story line and I enjoyed seeing such talented artists on stage.

Actress: Tuesday Vargas

Surprised and amazed to see Tuesday Vargas on stage. Knew her from when I was invited as an actor to her TV serie Kano Luvs Pinay for TV5. Her performance in Binondo stands out. She really squeezes the juice out of her funny character. And that was a good lesson for me to watch. She is a star, an artist, a creator, and that shows!

Director: Joel Lamangan

Happy and honored to say hello again to director Joel Lamangan. We worked together in Enchanted Garden TV serie for TV5 many years ago and hadn’t seen him again since. Good job directing Binondo sir. A big cast, very different types of artists on stage (tv, dancers, musical theater actors) and a show born from scratch. It’s clean and understandable even for a non Tagalog speaker like me, so great direction!

Writer: Ricky Lee

Book by Mr Ricky Lee. Very loved in the industry personality. Mentor to many. Never worked together so far. Looking forward to it. Another big achievement because this is a 3 hour musical! And I could see how people enjoyed it and gave a final standing ovation.

Actress: Ima Castro

Big plus for me was to watch perform, for the first time in my life, Ima Castro. She was Kim in Miss Saigon London and that is a giant title that makes me bow. Great voice and acting.

Actress: Sheila Valderrama

Talking about great voice and acting we have to bow again for the leading lady Sheila Valderrama. Who is going to portray very soon the role of the Virgin Mary in Guadalupe the musical. So thankful to perform with her soon in that musical for the first time. I am a fan since I saw her perform in Noises Off for Repertory Philippines.

My childish mind was screaming seeing her kiss so much on stage with leading man Arman Ferrer, coz she is the Virgin Mary in the next play hahahahha. And because I know the husband in real life, actor Lorenz Martinez! Jooooke haha this is my ADHD mind doing it’s thing!

Actor: Arman Ferrer

Arman Ferrer had a great performance. He has kept on improving since we alternated the role of Ibarra in Noli me Tangere the Opera in 2011. And he has bulked up physically so he is a good romantic lead role candidate. For that reason probably director Baby Barredo chose him to star in Guadalupe the musical next.

Actor: Floyd Tena

Met Floyd Tena, who plays the role of Carlos, the love loser guy we could say? Now I gotta follow his career forward, he was solid on that stage.

Sayang they were not selling the CD coz my friend wanted to buy!

Many friends in the cast, all so talented!

The Artistic Staff 

Book and Lyrics: Ricky Lee, Gershom Chua, Eljay Castro Deldoc
Music Composition and Musical Direction: Von de Guzman
Choreography: Douglas Nierras
Lighting Design: Joey Nombres
Production Design and Technical Direction: Otto Hernandez
Production Management: Fullhouse Asia Production Studios, Inc.
Original Story: Rebecca Shangkuan Chuaunsu
Direction: Joel Lamangan 


BINONDO, A TSINOY MUSICAL shall feature the country’s multi-talented artists from film, TV, stage namely:

Shiela Valderrama Martinez & Carla Guevara Laforteza (Lily);
Arman Ferrer & David Ezra (Ah Tiong);
Floyd Tena & Noel Rayos (Carlos);
Mariella Laurel (Jasmine); Ashlee Factor (Ruby);
Ima Castro (Mrs. Dela Rosa); Jennifer Villegas dela Cruz (Lourdes);
Dondi Ong (Mr. Chua); Kay Balajadia Liggayu (Mrs. Chua);
Russell Magno (Mr. Zhang); Elizabeth Chua (Mrs. Zhang);
Jonel Mojica (Matandang Tsino/Ge Lao);
Jim Pebanco, Lorenz Martinez, Khalil Kaimo,
Tuesday Vargas, Ellrica Laguardia, Rhapsody Li (Chorus);
Philip Deles, Ivana Villanueva (Swing)
Froilan Dabalus, Christaliza Dabalus (Principal Dancers)

Ryan Caraan, Carlos Deriada Jr., Rence Aviles, Paul Clark, Xander Pineda, Romcel Brinquis, Joseph Puducay, VJ Cortel, Daniel Cruz, Zyrus Imperial, Cheeno Macaraig, Roy Sotero, Dusty Suarez, Randy Rey, Precious Sementilla, Julia Chua, Janine Tolentino, Ronald Policarpio, Ric Mar Policarpio, Kate Jacob, Judy Anne Mendoza, JR Calumpiano, Joshua Orbasido, Divine Dacles, Cheska Quimno.

Binondo company

Again congrats all cast and crew for bringing up a musical from scratch to life!

Am I a failure?

I am so surprised to see how my family doesn’t believe in me enough.

I am the most successful person among the circle I grew up with under my eyes, but not theirs.

Why is that?

I have performed in around 50 different projects: movies, theater, tv. In several countries. Getting paid decently in most. In the principal stages of Spain and the Philippines. Dozens of interviews and articles about me in print and online.

I have 6 businesses all up and running giving some profit.

I am a spiritual leader for the Raelian movement in the Philippines.

I coach and help some people who are ready to listen about life and money.

I have investments in real estate, stock market and passive income businesses run by others.

I have sexual success above average.

I am an activist for social causes I believe in, an active member and relevant player of the projects I believe in.

I give a livelihood to waiters, drivers, mechanics, etc.

I have an online following of 65k as we write this. And a viral video with around 2 million views.

How come they still don’t think I am successful?

Is it that I don’t project myself as successful enough? Do I need to market myself as a more successful person?

I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD and not taking any meds. This is a lot of achievement.  With or without my ADHD.

Maybe it’s because I never had a traditional job? Coz I didn’t build a normal career?

Coz I didn’t go super deep enough in any of my endeavors? Wow. This could be something I do blame myself for.

Well. I never have money because I am always investing, farming. So that gives a sensation of scarcity in me and in others. Do I like that sensation? No I don’t. Do I want more money? Yes. Do I want to have an office job? No.

I don’t need the support and respect from my circle and society tho I do want it and appreciate it when it is there.

At the end, since you cannot please everyone and convince and change the people. Well I guess I just need to not mind and little by little replace them for people who do share the vision and mental wave.

Tho I did cry over this matter. And I don’t understand them not believing in me or seeing my success.

Our minds are wired totally different and unless they get into self help, motivation and business readings we will never be in mental connection.

I will love hearing from you about this matter please reach out to me in social media with your comments. Thank you 🙂

I simply love going to a Broadway musical

If you have never been to Broadway shows before, it is important to find something really accessible to go to for your very first time. With a compelling and simple story line, and a strong theme, played on organ, that will have you riveted to your seat, Phantom of the Opera is one of the best Broadway shows of all time, and that is a fact.

They say that Broadway shows, and all musicals for that matter, are made by people who do not have the talent to actually write a script on their own. A broadway show without songs is not done in Broadway, it’s done in hollywood, and it is not called a musical, its called a movie. If people don’t want their plays to be seen as antiquated and quaint, they should either adapt them for the big screen, or turn them in to Broadway shows.


Duterte is doing an amazing job as a President of the Philippines and Foreigners and Locals love him for it.

Kuya Manzano, Spanish actor and singer gives us a passionate explanation of why he loves Duterte.

Watch on Youtube

Automatic robot transcript:
0:03thanks to the war on drugs of the third
0:05day we Filipinos are safe again once
0:09again we feel safe in the streets in the
0:11streets of Sampaloc last year we
0:13couldn’t walk you know before the
0:15birthday we couldn’t walk in the street
0:16to some Paris at night at night I had
0:19waitresses gun held you know several
0:23students couldn’t walk on the street at
0:252:00 a.m. now they can now you say yeah
0:28you can see young students walking at 3
0:30a.m. in the middle of the street so to
0:32all those people who are scandalized by
0:34the war on drugs the human rights etc
0:36how about the human rights of the people
0:39who don’t take drugs and feel unsafe how
0:44about the safety of the people who go to
0:51work every day how about the safety of
0:55the students who have to go home late of
0:58a young girl that has to go home late
1:00how about the safety of those you got to
1:04choose you get a choose you cannot just
1:07get the Human Rights etc etc etc and
1:11give all the safety to those drugs to
1:14the drug pushers to the drug dealer to
1:16the drug consumers you want to keep them
1:19safe and keep unsafe the people who want
1:23to go work the people who don’t do drugs
1:25the people who want to go study those
1:30are the ones you gotta keep safe not the
1:33drug pushers and the drug consumers you
1:36wanted to drugs fine fine do it at home
1:40inside your house okay never in the
1:44street so I really clap the initiative
1:47of Duterte against the drugs against
1:50against smoking we cannot smoke anymore
1:52in the streets yes thank you the death
1:54day let the people smoke at home dirty
1:58their own homes yes
2:01outside hopefully some people get
2:05healthier and not smoke anymore it’s
2:07working we’re going to have healthier
2:10youth we’re going to have safer streets
2:14see for everyone you know I have some
2:19relatives or some friends let’s say no
2:22no you know but you know because they’re
2:25scared of losing freedom okay I guess a
2:28point we think the martial law of Markos
2:32is coming back and the atrocities are
2:33going to happen etc etc okay you are not
2:39in the streets of Manila you may reach
2:41friends don’t walk in the streets of
2:44sample of Manila where I’ve seen a lot
2:47of things happen where I could feel the
2:51fear two years ago and now I can walk in
2:56the street being a white guy young girls
2:59can walk in the street safely okay
3:02relaxing in that that has no price it
3:06doesn’t ruin the life of one person if
3:09if you you do it at home that’s fine
3:13okay you’re not grinning I mean if you
3:16live alone if you don’t have kids if you
3:18don’t have parents okay who you will
3:22affect if you don’t even have friends I
3:24don’t want you to be my friend and be
3:26drug the whole day I don’t want I’m not
3:29going to keep on going with you you do
3:32it once in a blue moon fine okay that’s
3:35fine but if you’re doing it repeatedly
3:39your head is not going to work anymore
3:41and our relationship is not going to
3:45work anymore and you’re not going to be
3:47able to work well anymore and attend to
3:49your clients and attend to whoever
3:54you’re ruining the love your love life
3:58you’re ruining the life of the people
4:00you love around you end up damaging
4:06someone end up stealing something if
4:10you’re rich rich rich enough love
4:13yourself at home that’s fine do whatever
4:15you want at home okay but not don’t drug
4:21yourself and then go to the streets
4:22which was the dangerous part of all of
4:26drunk people walking around the streets
4:28hurting other people hurting other
4:32people who just want to go to work who
4:34just want to go to study yeah there’s no
4:38right for that
4:39that’s not human rights you have the
4:42human right the human right of the
4:45people who want to do the regular life
4:47is way above the human rights of a guy
4:50who wants to treat drugs or sell drugs
4:53and go to the street and damage those
4:57other people okay and it happened a lot
5:01because some people don’t have control
5:03if you have super control and you drug
5:06yourself at home and you don’t bother
5:09anyone you lock yourself in you don’t
5:11bother and you want fantastic good enjoy
5:13your life you want to do that fine I
5:17just recommend it but fine freedom okay
5:21but the people who do it and do it in
5:25the streets or do it at home and then go
5:29to the street or the people who are
5:30drinking by 7-eleven and bothering
5:34everyone and dirtying the place and
5:36being on the streets and smoking the
5:38street doing drugs in the street go to
5:42Ed site you can see all the kids
5:44sniffing iseman in front of police let’s
5:49do something let’s fix this country
5:51finally we have someone with the balls
5:54enough to go against everything and
5:56anything in big out of blood out of
6:00blood to fix this country out of love
6:03for this country we have a hero do death
6:07there think you think you think is the
6:08third day you’re a hero you’re a
6:11going against anything against public
6:14opinion against other countries opinion
6:16you know we talk a lot about the third
6:19day out of the Philippines saying a lot
6:22of bullshit about him but you know what
6:24most of the people in the Philippines in
6:26his country the ones he affects love him
6:29yeah most of the people in this country
6:32love him I’m just a Duterte supporter
6:35who can see clearly what’s happening
6:38I can see clearly how it affects me and
6:41the people around me in sample of Manila
6:45we see it constantly fighting corruption
6:47finishing the red day finishing all this
6:51ball shared fixers something to fix yet
6:56we have to wait three months for a
6:58password appointment it’s crazy
7:03everyone was wanting a change everyone
7:05all it’s change the Philippines let’s
7:07hope hope some politician changes the
7:10well he’s changing it is changing it and
7:13he’s changing it very fast do you think
7:19change is not going to be painful do you
7:23think change it’s easy it’s not change
7:27is always painful growth is always
7:32painful learning is always painful
7:37change comes at a price so if you want
7:43to change you gotta pay the price are
7:47you willing to pay the price there’s
7:50some people who will always have an
7:52excuse to attack be tested
7:54you know it’s fucking hard to be the
7:57president you know I tell you you who
8:01talk so much why don’t you run for
8:03president and do it you know you’re
8:06doing the worst thing you can do you
8:07know what you’re doing you’re poking the
8:09eye of the driver we’re all in the same
8:13bus he’s the driver he won the elections
8:17alright so that’s it you believe in
8:20democracy so now you have a president he
8:25was voted so accept whatever he fucking
8:28wants to do accept his leadership
8:37if you’re poking the eyes of the driver
8:40we might have an accident let’s all
8:45support to that and next election let’s
8:48vote again and both whoever you want or
8:53present yourself smartass
8:55present yourself you try to be the
8:59president and try to get all the
9:01spanking answer it’s fucking hard to be
9:04the president
9:06Bravo testa Bravo thank you for being
9:10brave thank you for being so smart thank
9:13you for being so Mattapan Callaghan
9:16selamat Solomon Solomon brother we have
9:20the Punisher we have a strong man we’ll
9:23kick the ass of forevers messing up with
9:26his country stop criticizing start
9:31appreciating the man doesn’t need this
9:36the man the birthday is doing it out of
9:40love for the country he’s rich enough
9:44and old enough he could retire in any
9:47moment but he decided not to retire he
9:51decided to give to give to give us to
9:56give you to give me all our Filipinos he
10:00decided to give us his energy his life
10:02his ideas his strength so appreciated
10:08I love you to death day thank you

Tips for a singing career

I’ve been browsing around and for these guidelines to have a singing career, hope I can follow through!

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Image from my Facebook Fan Page

I also added steps I think that would help me in the Philippines.

  • Have voice lessons. This I had a lot.
  • Second step to have a singing career is singe a lot in front of people, concert a lot all over the city. OK, I take it as a challenge.
  • Third step of a singing career is to audition and join musicals. Done that a lot.
  • 4th step with a singing career is record yourself and post it. Have done somewhat, can do this a lot more yet.
  • 5th singing career step. Is to be a big fish in your small pond. Sing locally in the biggest events. Haven’t done this much actually yet.
  • 6th singing career tip is to find your style and stick to it so you create a brand. I still don’t know if to go for rock or Broadway.
  • I think it has to be a blended performer career, not only singing, I must act and do other artistic stuff together with singing to boost.
  • I must join a band and or a singing contest of course, that will help much.
  • To be a singer I need a following in social media. Working on it.
  • Professional recordings are needed. I could get those through collaborations at this point I guess.
  • Gotta be brave and have some showmanship.
  • Start singing original songs, not covers. Collaborating is the key.
  • Learn piano or guitar. I pick piano.
  • Learn Tagalog and record Tagalog songs.
  • Audition for every singing contest, even if it has to be online.
  • Work begets work. Exposure will get more work.
  • Sing in weddings, parties, jingles, non stop.
  • Top confidence believing in yourself is capital.
  • Personallity is a pillar. No personallity, not an interesting singer.
  • Cater to your audience. It’s abut them more than about you. They pay the tickets after all.
  • Choose your audience. You cannot please everyone.
  • Study marketing, self promotion techniques online, etc.

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musical Online’s YouTube channel

Please give me your tips and opinions, all help is welcome, thank you!

Welcome the ET day by the Philippine Raelian Movement

Last April 1st there we celebrated the ET day in Manila!

Philippine Raelians ET day

Raelians Philippines had an outdoor outreach activity.

We met at Quezon Circle, a public park where a lot of people gather. And by giving out ET hugs we shared little papers with the web address

Philippine Raelians ET day

We also gave out some Filipino versions of the manga comic that we printed.

Philippine Raelians ET day

Then the group went to UP Diliman, the university regular meeting place we have and 3 new cellular transmission took place.

raelian philippines et day

It was interesting to have the group bonding cutting the papers with the web address to be distributed. We want to become more outgoing and do more difussion.

Philippine Raelians ET day

Some people who live far send a video like young Danica Raelian, a passionate new girl that just discovered she is a Raelian thru the web. Check the video here.

Philippine Raelians ET day

Special thanks to the always energetic and supportive Saul Goodman (Australian guide).

Philippine Raelians ET day

1 April 70A.H.

45 Things to Do today for free for #Sundayfunday

It’s #SundayFunday so what can you do not spending a cent?

Sunday Funday August 31 : Lifestyles Center

1. Take a look at the area calendar.

Consider your town’s internet site (in addition to those of cities and also towns close by) or visit city hall to find a list of occasions going on in the area, a number of which are cost-free. You’ll commonly be surprised at the number of intriguing (as well as cost-free) tasks are going on right now in your location.

2. See your public library.

Not only is a collection a storehouse of books, the majority of collections additionally have considerable CD and also DVD compilations you can look into. Many collections likewise have “story time” for children, movie nights, book clubs, shows, writer readings or talks, and lots of other events that you could be unaware of– entirely totally free. Stop in as well as check out just what they need to supply.

3. Obtain associated with area sporting activities.

Several communities have area sporting activities fields where both youth and also grown-up sports organizations and activities are on a regular basis going on throughout the weekend break. Stop by, enjoy a video game or two, as well as if something intrigues you, look into signing up with either as a participant or as a volunteer.

4. Check out some podcasts.

Podcasts are fantastic: excellent audio protocols available to you free of charge. Offer them a try– it’s easy to do utilizing iTunes. Simply check out the “Podcast” part of the iTunes Shop as well as sample a couple of (right here’s an overview of appreciating podcasts to get you started).

My favored podcasts include The Magnificent Table (on food topics), Marketplace (on economics and company), RadioLab (clinical and philosophical concepts), Fresh Air (interviews of basic passion), This American Life (eccentric basic interest stuff), and Today in Technology (innovation news), among many others.

Sunday Funday -

5. Play parlor game.

We have a heap of board games, mainly obtained as presents, that we commonly take out as well as play; our closest buddy has a couple of selection ones as well. Classic video games like Monopoly and also Pictionary could be great fun, however our favorites are Settlers of Catan, Cartagena, Puerto Rico, as well as particularly Ticket to Ride. (Here are some more parlor game that are wonderful for teams.) Merely dig with the recesses of your storage room, find an old board game you have not played in ages, and also bust it open!

6. Cook a loaf of homemade bread.

You most likely have every little thing you have to make a loaf of bread in your kitchen right now (other than possibly the yeast). Any individual could do it, and also the fresh-baked bread appears scrumptious. Here’s an in-depth aesthetic quick guide for making a straightforward loaf with marginal active ingredients or intricacy.

7. Show on your own ways to juggle.

All you actually require is three balls as well as a video clip showing you how to do it. Not just is it an enjoyable activity to learn, it’s something that’s fun to bust out as a celebration trick upon occasion (trust me, you can consistently obtain individuals to grin if you manage three fruits in the kitchen area while preparing something).

As soon as you know the best ways to juggle, you can always win a smile. Photo: Elvert Barnes
8. Learn how you can change your vehicle’s oil.

If your auto’s due for an oil change, merely bring home the oil and oil filter you need as well as show on your own how to do it by yourself. All you truly need is an old frying pan to catch the made use of oil as well as a channel to fill up the oil storage tank as well as pour the old oil back into the containers for later disposal. (Make certain you deal with the old oil baseding on neighborhood laws; most gas and service stations will accept your used motor oil.).

Use your automobile handbook as a quick guide for the procedure and also you could merely find it’s both a great deal less complicated compared to you assumed as well as an useful skill to have– plus it’s cheaper compared to taking your vehicle to Jiffy-Lube (or any place you go for oil adjustments).

Sunday funday. | Wonder Of My Worlds

9. Satisfy your cousins.

Make an initiative to present yourself to your neighbors if you do not know them very well. If you satisfy any sort of appealing people in your area, welcome them over for a cup of coffee as well as a conversation, simply to get to understand each other far better.

Your neighbors might not only become your friends, they could additionally be a beneficial resource– a friendly pair of eyes on your property when you’re away or a valuable set of hands when you’re attempting to finish a tough job.

10. Clear out your media collection– publications, DVDs, CDs, etc

. Undergo your compilation, determine which products you ‘d really prefer to maintain, as well as eliminate the rest. You can either offer them at a made use of media store or switch them on-line utilizing services like PaperBackSwap and SwapADVD. In either instance, you’ll do away with stuff you don’t see or review or listen to more in exchange for either some money or brand-new media to take pleasure in.

11. Have a ‘cabinet meal.’.

Look at your cupboards and also discover any products that could have slipped to the back with time. Invite some friends to do the exact same, after that gathering for a potluck supper prepared from just these ingredients and also whatever else you have on hand. Besides producing a “complimentary” meal, it produces what I call creative success via restraint and also a great deal of fun for every person included.

12. Make a ‘101 Goals in 1,001 Days’ listing– after that begin on some of them.

A 101 Goals in 1001 Days listing is an efficient way to codify all the important things you would love to perform in one location, to make sure that when you have extra time, you can just turn to the listing and do just what’s following on it.

On your money-free weekend break, invest time considering just what belongs on this listing: your most significant brief- and also near-term objectives, both personally as well as properly. When it’s finished, you’ll prepare to obtain started turning your objectives into truth.

13. Deciding about and also write out your will.

This is a believed process that many individuals avoided, yet it makes you really feel quite happy when it’s done, including in your satisfaction as well as relaxation. Spend time thinking of just what you want to occur to your individual possessions when you die, particularly in regards to the individual mementos that you want others to have and where you desire the worth of your estate to go.

Do you want all of it to stay with family members? Do you intend to bear in mind a charity? After that, when you have actually figured it out, sketch out the basics of a will. Later, you’ll likely have to work with an attorney to prepare it for you or use a website like LegalZoom, however merely having those choices made does not set you back a thing and is a large mental alleviation.

14. Do a household maintenance walk-through.

Look at your house and also seek any type of little maintenance activities that need to be done. Do filters should be changed? Exist any burnt-out light bulbs?

Here’s a maintenance checklist that could offer you some ideas regarding exactly what to look for. It might not be the most enjoyable activity you could think about, but it’ll include discreetly to your pleasure of your house when it’s done: cleaner air, light bulbs in place, as well as assurance.

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15. Begin or sign up with a fantasy sporting activities league.

With baseball season merely getting underway, you can go to Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, or ESPN as well as effortlessly start a complimentary fantasy sporting activities organization for you as well as your friends. Even when you’re merely betting boasting rights, a fantasy league could stimulate affordable banter and unlimited conversation between your buddies as the season unfolds.

16. Organize a self-guided walking trip.

Research the appealing historic and social websites in your community, then go on a strolling tour of them. Load a lunch in your knapsack and have a picnic on the town green or in the park. You could conveniently transform this right into a complete day if you live in an engaging location.

17. Show on your own how to weaved.

Learning to weaved calls for 2 needles (a dollar, or possibly totally free if your wardrobe looks anything like ours), some thread (very economical and also most likely stocking the wardrobe if your residence resembles ours), a bunch of patience, as well as a training video or more.

Try making a scarf for a close friend or a small covering for a brand-new baby in the house of a pal or a member of the family. While it’s not quite complimentary, you’ll find out an useful new ability– as well as if you stay with it, you’ll make points far more useful compared to the input price of a little bit of thread. Eventually, you could even have the ability to market your knitwear on Etsy.

18. Take some electronic pictures.

Take your digital video camera out with you and also take pictures of anything you find fascinating. Take bunches of them, after that go home later on and see if you’ve taken anything beautiful and convincing. Excellent photos could prepare for homemade greeting cards (yep, keep going downwards for even more on this), wonderful desktop computer wallpaper, screensavers, customized presents, or other interesting uses.

19. Share those digital photos with others.

Enroll in a free Flickr account, after that post a few of your most fascinating photos to show others. Spend the moment to title them suitably, add intriguing inscriptions, and enable them to be utilized under an Innovative Commons Adscription certificate so your photos can be delighted in by as lots of people as feasible.

20. Beginning a blog site on a subject that fascinates you.

You could get a cost-free blog using WordPress or Blog writer. Sign up with such a solution and start a blog site on a subject that interests you. Not only can it be a lot of fun, it additionally helps you boost your interaction skills, communicate to others, and also maybe earn a little bit of revenue down the road also.

21. Arrange a potluck block event.

Get permission from the city to do this prior to you try it– ask if you could block off a street for a block event on a certain date. After that toss on your own right into arranging it. Go doorway to door, informing people about the block celebration, and also welcoming them to bring something. Ask if they have tables and/or chairs that could be used for it. Then, on the day of the event, laid out the tables and chairs you borrowed as well as dig in. Considering that you’re the host, just contribute among the “cabinet meal” dishes you made from concept # 11.

22. See a totally free museum or a zoo (or discover when you might be able to get in free of charge).

Lots of cities and colleges have complimentary educational destinations, such as galleries or zoos. Make an initiative to take pleasure in these cost-free attractions.

If your neighborhood does not have totally free zoos or galleries, call them and also ask about possibilities for “free to everyone” displays or “complimentary days”– many museums open their doorways free of cost or fee “pay just what you could” admission someday a week. You can even ask whether they release free passes upon demand. Libraries often loan out gallery masquerades the day also. You’ll frequently find there are several possibilities to enjoy galleries, zoos, and also science facilities without any price at all.

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23. Learn the fundamentals of a new topic.

Just visit MIT’s OpenCourseWare, discover a topic you’re interested in, download a number of MP3s of lectures on the subject, as well as hear them while you’re doing household tasks. Some wonderful suggested starting factors: microeconomics, essentials of approach, western approach, and introductory physics.

An additional terrific alternative: Ignite iTunes, then click the “iTunes U” choice on the left hand side. You’ll find tons of material there to educate you the fundamentals of many topics. Actually, you can obtain a college-level education and learning on essentially numerous topics for free online. Fantastic options consist of Coursera, Khan Academy, and edX, a partnership between Harvard and also MIT.

24. Cook some meals ahead of time.

If you currently have a bunch of fundamental food staples accessible, spend time cooking some meals in advance to store in the fridge freezer. It’s simple to prepare casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, morning meal burritos, and also lots of various other products simultaneously, after that save them in portion-sized containers in the fridge freezer for quick and also easy reheating on a busy weekday.

Not just is by doing this much cheaper than eating out or acquiring convenience foods, it’s additionally more healthy– and it can be more social, too. Missing some active ingredients yet have an abundance of others? Coordinate with close friends and make it a social event– share components to make sure that you could all take some casseroles or various other recipes home for the freezer.

25. Create a fundamental net-worth calculator on your own.

One fantastic way to make certain that you’re regularly making financial progress is to build your personal net worth calculator. Once you have it set up, upgrading it is simple, and also it could give a terrific picture of your financial circumstance along with flaunt your development. Below’s a detailed guide to making one with any type of fundamental spreadsheet protocol.

26. Have a quilting bee.

All you require is a bunch of spare towel (old shirts will even work, as will certainly old curtains, old sheets, and so forth), some needles, thread, scissors, and also some close friends. Just gathering, cut out squares of intriguing fabric, and also start sewing. You can stuff the within with soft excess fabric, like tee shirts and also such, as opposed to purchasing batting, and you’ll produce a cozy and fascinating quilt in time.
27. Method origami - action origami - double star flexicube (David Brill ... .

All you need is some scratch pad as well as a little bit of time. Beginning with the easy points, like cranes and also frogs, after that you can try more challenging things like an origami iris. A durable origami item created from fascinating paper could be a stunning decoration.

28. Make a how-to video for YouTube.

Share your expertise! All you need is an electronic video camera that catches video or a cell phone and (optionally) some video editing software. Merely develop a video to demonstrate ways to accomplish something interesting as well as beneficial.

Begin by creating a script on your own, after that activate the camera as well as follow your script. When you’ve got a take you’re happy with, upload it to YouTube and also let others enjoy it. If it works and amusing, the visitors will come.

29. Do a ‘expense decrease.’.

Spend a couple of hours trimming your monthly expenses. Just how? Locate means to decrease your routine expenses. Request for credit card rate reductions. Think about just what monthly expenses you could entirely eliminate, after that do the footwork to obtain eliminate them.

This could be an uninteresting task now, however if you can invest a long time and also cut $50 from your month-to-month expenses absolutely free, your future self will certainly be extremely satisfied.

30. Play football/soccer.

All you require is a ball, some open space, and some buddies. Designate whatever is available as objectives, then kick the ball around.

Do not bother with being terrible at the video game– as long as every person’s merely having fun, it really doesn’t matter just how bad you are. Trust me– I have actually played football with Europeans who spent their entire lives playing while I ‘d played maybe a hr of severe football in my life, yet I had a lot of enjoyable (albeit with a great deal of falling down and also hopping off the beaten track).

31. Make a time capsule.

Find a little box, then walk around your home event items that represent the truth of your present-day life: A newspaper or publication, photos, recent invoices, last week’s supermarket checklist, letters or greeting cards, and more. You might even include a digital flash drive with images or a video you and also your family members create your “future selves” to view.

Put all of it in the box, tape it up firmly, as well as write a date on the outside saying when you’re enabled to open it– state, 10 or 15 years from currently. You’ll possibly enjoy compiling a slice of your life, and you’ll take pleasure in reflecting on those products in the future much more, when your lives and also the globe have actually altered.

32. Open a ‘time pill.’.

You may not have laid out making a main time pill 10 or more years ago, yet possibilities are you have some old photos, high school laptops, or many others keepsakes packed in a box someplace, whether in a storage room, under the bed, or in the attic room. Pull them out and also grant yourself the moment to enjoy those old memories or discuss them with your youngsters.

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33. Scan your old photos.

If you have a digital scanner in the house, put it to use and scan that heap of old prints you merely removed. Don’t have a scanner? Taking an image of a picture with your mobile phone is a viable alternative (ensure there’s enough natural light). Digitizing these memories is a good way to protect them, given that photos left in an attic room or basement could weaken or get stuck together after a while.

If you have a rotating screensaver of photos, scanning in old prints and also adding them to the rotation will certainly make your screensaver all the more fantastic. Plus, it becomes easy to merely attach them to emails and send them to family and friends– or post them on social networks on “Throwback Thursdays.”.

34. Have a film festival.

Invite some pals over and also ask each to bring one of their favored DVDs. After that simply resolve in with some snacks (whatever you carry hand) as well as shed a careless mid-day and also evening simply seeing films with each other. It’s a lots of fun and also it does not cost anything at all.

35. Attract your partner.

Really, exists any kind of method to have even more enjoyable compared to that absolutely free? It’s enjoyable, romantic, excellent workout, and also it can assist recover any sort of relationship problems you may be having. An afternoon in your partner’s arms will make both of you really feel a lot better, and also it won’t cost a penny.

36. Do some networking.

Spend an afternoon drafting emails to specialist calls, just to see just what they depend on as well as to permit them know what you depend on. Establish them as much as send en masse on Monday early morning. While it might seem monotonous, it could open numerous doorways for your job if you do it regularly, and also assist you develop brand-new connections as well as friendships– and also all it takes is a some of spare time.

37. Exercise yoga– or attempt it for the first time.

All you need is some flooring market and also a covering to do most yoga postures. Check out a basic yoga session to see if you like it. It enhances flexibility, enhances focus, and also holding a few of those positions for long periods can be a powerful workout.

38. Attempt Geocaching.

Component outdoor experience, part treasure hunt, Geocaching– hiking trying to find hidden “caches” you could track by their GPS collaborates– is one of our family members’s preferred economical tasks. If you have a GPS gadget or a cell phone, you do not have to purchase anything else to get started.

Merely check out and also key in your residence address (or the address where you plan to be strolling or treking), as well as you’ll likely find a few geocaches stored in the area. Pick one, include the collaborates to your GPS (or merely use the app on your smartphone), as well as leave the door, letting your gadget serve as a prize map.

39. Do an area cleanup.

No should organize an official activity. Simply walk through the common markets in your area (parks, walkways, and so on) with a trash bag and also a pair of gloves, and also pick up the trash.

Not only is it an enjoyable method to get your blood going, it also beautifies your neighborhood and the surrounding area, not just for your personal enjoyment, but for everyone. If you want to really get into it, welcome individuals that live near you to get included as well and make an event from it.

40. Construct some paper aircrafts.

Design as well as build a number of various paper planes, then have a competition in the garden to see which flies the best. This is a big means to utilize up some scratch pad, especially old papers. You can effortlessly transform it right into a competition– the victor reaches pick exactly what activity to participate in next, or reaches choose exactly what you’re having for supper.

41. Reorganize the furniture in a room.

It’s amazing just how much you can freshen a room simply by relocating the furnishings right into brand-new locations. Attempt relocating the sofa to a various wall, then relocating the entertainment center somewhere else. Take your bed as well as turn it 90 levels, after that move the dressers to match the new arrangement. It could entirely freshen the appearance of the space and provide you an excellent exercise to boot.

42. Review an enjoyable publication.

Browse your home for an enjoyable publication to review, probably something loaned to you by a good friend or something you received as a present, and huddle as well as allow on your own be drawn into the tale. I’m a sucker for Stephen King novels– I can just get any kind of one as well as rapidly be drawn right into the plot for an enjoyable mid-day’s read.

43. Develop a gigantic covering fort.

If you have children, there are couple of things a lot more fun than an afternoon invested building and having fun in an enormous ft in the living-room. Usage chairs, blankets, and also tables to make a substantial covert framework, then hide in there and also play games and check out publications.

If they’re a piece older, build two forts (on other sides of the room) and have “fort battles”– throw small beanbags as well as cushions backward and forward. No cost, yet a mid-day that’s a lot of enjoyable.

44. Call a relative or a close friend you have not spoken with in a while.

Not only is this a chance to catch up with another individual that is very important to you as well as firm up your connection, it could additionally be an extremely entertaining and satisfying method to invest a hr or two.

Spiral Bound Notebook | Personalized Notepads | 1.52 Ea.

45. Beginning an all-natural collection or an observation notebook.

In other words, spend a long time in nature accumulating items of passion (like particular rocks) or making monitorings of things. Probably you’ll wish to look for birds, or maybe your interest is stones or feathers. Whatever it is, obtain your hiking boots on, get out there, and see just what you could locate. Below’s some insight on the best ways to start.


Good ideas? Anything worked for you today? Let me know thru Facebook or Twitter please.