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How I got cast for the coffee commercial

Having success as an actor takes a lot more effort than what most people think.

Bullets of things I did and stars than had to align in order for me to get cast.

– Joined that agency 8 years ago

– I help the agency as a casting associate providing talents

– The production assistant is my friend from another commercial we shot before and believes in my talent

– I ran to do the audition last minute phone call

– Got a speeding ticket for it

– Parked illegally in the street to make it on time

– Had to hide from police and wait for him to leave in order to get my motorcycle

– I have a personal relationship with the agency owner and we regularly have coffee together

– I dressed up specially to look good and formal for the part

– I have confidence in my acting, which gave me calmness

– I smiled and made some jokes as I entered the casting room to create familiarity / Public Relations

– I used my own experience through memory of events of my past to recall a similar situation as requested by the director

– I said goodbye to each and every person in the casting venue

– After the casting they requested for IDs and pictures with shades, I supplied in 30 mins

– They requested for pics with normal eyeglasses, I supplied

– They want me shaved, I said yes

– They asked for several pictures of today to see it is the actual me, I did so

– After casted they asked for a lot of wardrobe, I said yes

– They changed call time, I said yes


Raelian Movement in Filipino TV

Kuya Manzano, Raelian guide in the Philippines, explains to GMA TV what they are about.

For more info about the Raelian Movement in the Philippines here their Facebook Page.

How to make your first 1000 subscribers in Youtube

I broke the 1000 subscribers mark in Youtube and am happy to give you some tips. I don’t do all many times, do what you can 🙂

  1. Add the watermark to subscribe in the corner of your videos.
  2. Add a subscribe link in the description of your videos.
  3. Make a plan and script for the future videos you will produce.
  4. Content must be entertaining and informative (nobody wants to watch you buying bread).
  5. Publish regularly. Weekly is a good frequency.
  6. Have an interesting title with keywords people are searching for online.
  7. Customize the look of your channel with cover pics, icons, thumbnails.
  8. Create a channel trailer.
  9. Use the annotation feature to get viewers take actions.
  10. Use tools like Tubebuddy to help you with tips and optimization.
  11. Share your channel link in every email and autoresponder you have.
  12. Create an Intro and Outro for each video.
  13. Edit well taking out of the fluff.
  14. Description and metatags are very important so make them useful and SEO effective.
  15. Ask people to subscribe and like if they liked the video.
  16. Do collaborations with other Youtubers!!!
  17. Reply to all comments. Fans wanna feel you there!
  18. Giveaway stuff and make challenges for your audience.
  19. Share in social media!!!
  20. Send each video to your mailing list.
  21. Tell all your friends about it, of course! And ask them to share it to people who will find it useful.
  22. Reply to people searching to solve the solution your video provides (if it solves something, that is).

Let me know how this works for you!

2 other actions for you:

How to make extra money in the Philippines

Ways to make extra pesos starting small. I asked the net how to make some money and this is what I found… This is part of an ongoing series. You can send your ideas also!

How to make 1 PHP?

  • Selling newspapers
  • Selling candies
  • Selling hugs
  • Picking up the coins in the street
  • Begging
  • Posting a video on Youtube if you have enough followers
  • Posting a blog with ads on you web page

How to make 10 PHP?

  • Buy and sell marking up 10php only
  • Tweeting for someone else
  • Selling halo halo
  • Selling ukay ukay
  • Selling load through Gcash app
  • Selling water bottles in the traffic
  • Cleaning windshields
  • Taking care of parked cars in the street

How to make 100php?

  • Wash cars
  • Baby sitting
  • Being an intern for an allowance pay
  • Buy and sell online
  • Drive for Grab or Taxi
  • Do a massage
  • Sell halo halo
  • Offer acquisition of online documents for a fee e.g. birth certificate, passport application etc.

All these are simple ideas to make some cash in the Philippines. We can all survive and move forward if we put enough effort in this third world country.

Discounts for Miong the musical 2019

Cast again by Repertory Philippines

Watch the story of young Emilio Aguinaldo from birth to declaration of Independence.

Where? Greenbelt 1 mall Makati, Philippines.

When? Until March 10 every weekend. Fill up form below for specific dates info.

Spanish troops and clergy oppress the Filipino natives.
As usual I play villain, Spanish General.
Kevin Guiman, Steven Hotchkiss, Meynard Penalosa, & Kuya Manzano. Terrorize the natives.
Come watch a really talented cast!
Back at Repertory Philippines after 8 years!
Also playing priest! Jerome Fugoso, Steven Hotchkiss, Meynard Penalosa, Kuya Manzano, Kevin Guiman. Photo: Broadway world.
I promise to be the meanest if you come watch!

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12 reasons most Filipinos are poor

List of loser mentality and practices

  1. Belief that the destiny is up to God.
    1. Your destiny is in your hands, you have the power.
  2. Use salary to help parents, siblings and relatives before themselves.
    1. Love yourself. If you are rich, you can help others better.
  3. Never invest.
    1. A salary can only go so far, even if it is a big salary…
  4. Smoke and drink.
    1. Spending time, health, money. And damaging brain, taking worse decisions the next day and being less productive.
  5. Believing in luck.
    1. Results are about sweat, not magic!
  6. Gossiping.
    1. Envy and negativity attract more of that to yourself.
  7. Begging in the streets and online.
    1. Nobody likes a needy person. Everybody loves people who give. Be a giver and never beg.
  8. Believing someone will fix their life for them: President, Angels, Boss, rich husband…
    1. The only person to save you is You!
  9. Never mastering the English language.
    1. It is not funny that you have bad English. It’s so easy for a Filipino to brush up English, more than any other language, we grew up with English around!
  10. Playing video-games.
    1. Epidemic of young and not so young playing video-games in their spare time is alarming, unproductive and mind harming.
  11. Being lazy when the boss is not watching.
    1. Perfect reason to be fired because you are not productive for the company! Not sulit!
  12. Spending time and money patronizing the Catholic church.
    1. You can pray at home and save time and money going to the church.
    2. It is a religion who loves the poor and says it is hard for a rich person to go to heaven. Bad motivation.
    3. It makes people small and fearing an all mighty god. Makes you weak.

This are reasons I found after some years living in the Philippines as an employer and seeing many repeated practices that keep people in the mud forever.

The problem is not economic, it is mental. A change of mindset would change their pockets.

We have successful Filipino titans who came from zero to the top. It is possible for anyone.

I write this post not to put anyone down, but to awaken even if 1% of the people who read it. I am happy to take the bashing and the hate of 99% if I can save one Filipino by turning on the spark towards change, effort, success.

2018 achievements

It is good to celebrate all wins in life!

Nice to remind myself that I am doing progress.




  • 315 pushups in a day
  • Met my girlfriend
  • Got cured of incurable hiatus hernia and Barret’s esophagus sickness

How to get laid more

Main motivation to do anything for many people is sex!

What do people find attractive from other people and make them want to get in bed with them…

  1. Sexiness: nice face and body.
  2. Power: fame or influence.
  3. Money: if you can provide their dreams they will lay with you too.
  4. Intelligence: if they admire your brain you can screw them.
  5. Talent: perform and touch their hearts.

The good news is that all these requirements can be built with effort.

You can decide to be pretty with make up, taking care, plastic surgery…

So you can see how you can look totally pretty of you want. And same goes for the body. You can lose weight and get fit with diet, gym and even plastic surgery. Even grandpas achieve this. It is your choice…

Want fame and influence power? Never been easier with social media! I can help you get where you want online. Send me a message through the FB page Here my plan to reach 1 Million followers myself with progress report.

Money is clearly possible to build up. How many cases have we seen of people going from rags to riches, right? Check the Henry Sy story…

Personally I set a goal to have a net worth of $1M in 10 years time. See the plan and progress here. And a personal tip I learned for building wealth in this video…

Intelligence… it is very relative. Look, if you can wow them knowing a lot more than them in anything they have interesting in learning, that can also put them in your bed. Become an expert in your field and many opportunities with sapiosexuals will come your way.

And as for talent… many people tell me they wanna be performers, that is their dream… I say if you are serious about it and want it badly. They take it as your main studies for a few years, get deep into it and then start performing. It is hard like any other profession.

So decide if you wanna do the effort and build any of these qualities.

Tip: miracles and magic don’t exist. Nothing comes free. You gotta pay the price!

Plan to get 1 Million USD

I set a goal to have net worth of 1 Million USD in 10 years time. Join me in the journey!

To make it easier I broke the amounts to achieve per year and make increments of 30% yearly more or less.

The purpose of writing and publishing it here is to visualize it, to be accountable to you, to inspire, to show the progress.

Yearly increments proposed…

  1. 50k by year 2019. DONE by June 2019.
  2. 70k by year 2020. DONE by August 2020.
  3. 100k by year 2021. Progress at 75%. ETA: Thursday, June 10, 2021
  4. 150k by year 2022.
  5. 200k by year 2023.
  6. 250k by year 2024.
  7. 350k by year 2025.
  8. 500k by year 2026.
  9. 700k by year 2027.
  10. 1 Million by year 2028.

Actions towards glory

  • Bought 2 apartments and a commercial space lot since 2002 and rented them out to pay for the mortgage. Loans of 120%, zero down. Results, lots of headaches, and break-even cash flow. The good side is the mortgage is being paid and contributing to the net worth every month.
  • Work as an actor and singer since 1998.
  • Work in many other tasks since 1998: waiter, farm boy, writer, social media manager, webmaster, software programmer, tour guide, language interpreter, language teacher, anything under the sun…
  • Operator for Uber / Grabcar in the Philippines
  • Created and running a coffee shop in the Philippines called iChill Theater Cafe. Since the pandemic hit, we transferred into an online shop.
  • Investor at Marzfuel gas stations in the Philippines
  • Investor at Positive Living massage chairs in malls in the Philippines. Puling out of this investment. Didn’t work as expected.

Progress and plans

  • We are ahead of target. Will create a mix of passive steady income and concrete one time only actions. Optimize also the ones we already have…
  • Reduce debt ahead of time so the income from real estate will give more profit each month and save tons in mortgage interest.
  • Claim pending amounts from different businesses that we are entitled to.
  • Sell feature film Changing Direction online.
  • Distribute films of other creators.
  • Accept new jobs be it performing or office work.
  • iChill online shop is growing very fast thanks to the pandemic

Hope this helps clarify, see it and pursue it more clearly. Do you have any tips or comments, reach me out through PM in any social media channel, I am omnipresent and check the PMs personally. Thank you for joining me in this adventure!

Plan to get 1 million followers online

One of my life goals for the next 10 years is to have 1 million followers online, how?

How Should Your Org Use Social Media? « Conference 365

  1. Declaring it to the world so you hold me accountable! DONE
  2. Opening accounts in any main social media platform and even new ones. DONE
  3. Post often and interesting. DONE
  4. Set yearly number goals with increases of 30% per year aprox:
    1. 50k by year 2018. DONE
    2. 70k by year 2019. DONE EARLY AT 2018.
    3. 100k by year 2020. DONE EARLY AT 2019.
    4. 150k by year 2021. advanced 76.7% so far
    5. 200k by year 2022.
    6. 250k by year 2023.
    7. 350k by year 2024.
    8. 500k by year 2025.
    9. 700k by year 2026.
    10. 1 Million by year 2027.
  5. Go live regular. 80%
  6. Promote paid posts and campaigns. DONE
  7. Create viral content. 3 VIRALS (10 million views in all content) DONE
  8. Post controversy and don’t be afraid of haters, you need them! Without haters you are nobody! DONE
  9. Cross over marketing between platforms. DONE

Are you following me in social media? Do you like the content? Suggestions and comments are welcome through any social media platform. Thank you!

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