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Income diary October 71a.H. (2016)

Everyday I must do some actions to earn money, so here I shall track and be accountable to you for what I did each day…


  1. iChill Theater Cafe office tasks.  Uber payrol. Repair computer to work with it for more income. Registered 2 new phone loading retailers. Added a theater projects meeting at the end of the night.
  2. Conducted an acting workshop for kids in Marikina. Had brainstorming and briefing for new theater projects at iChill Theater Cafe. Collected money from Uber from driver last week.
  3. Drove Uber all night. Did payrol of iChill Theater Cafe. Worked on social media.
  4. Had a profitable day with both Uber and iChill Theater Cafe. Got a new offer and did some errands for real estate biz in Spain over the internet.

Tips for a singing career

I’ve been browsing around and for these guidelines to have a singing career, hope I can follow through!

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Image from my Facebook Fan Page

I also added steps I think that would help me in the Philippines.

  • Have voice lessons. This I had a lot.
  • Second step to have a singing career is singe a lot in front of people, concert a lot all over the city. OK, I take it as a challenge.
  • Third step of a singing career is to audition and join musicals. Done that a lot.
  • 4th step with a singing career is record yourself and post it. Have done somewhat, can do this a lot more yet.
  • 5th singing career step. Is to be a big fish in your small pond. Sing locally in the biggest events. Haven’t done this much actually yet.
  • 6th singing career tip is to find your style and stick to it so you create a brand. I still don’t know if to go for rock or Broadway.
  • I think it has to be a blended performer career, not only singing, I must act and do other artistic stuff together with singing to boost.
  • I must join a band and or a singing contest of course, that will help much.
  • To be a singer I need a following in social media. Working on it.
  • Professional recordings are needed. I could get those through collaborations at this point I guess.
  • Gotta be brave and have some showmanship.
  • Start singing original songs, not covers. Collaborating is the key.
  • Learn piano or guitar. I pick piano.
  • Learn Tagalog and record Tagalog songs.
  • Audition for every singing contest, even if it has to be online.
  • Work begets work. Exposure will get more work.
  • Sing in weddings, parties, jingles, non stop.
  • Top confidence believing in yourself is capital.
  • Personallity is a pillar. No personallity, not an interesting singer.
  • Cater to your audience. It’s abut them more than about you. They pay the tickets after all.
  • Choose your audience. You cannot please everyone.
  • Study marketing, self promotion techniques online, etc.
Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musical Online’s YouTube channel

Please give me your tips and opinions, all help is welcome, thank you!

Social media influence count 46,551 for August 2016

Facebook fanclub 22,923 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 22,867

Twitter 16,600  – August 2016 from November 2015 – 15,300

Linkedin 220 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 206

Pinterest 1,861 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 1,100

Youtube  482 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 364

Instagram 2,784 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 868

Google+ 953 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 726

Soundcloud 784 – August 2016 from November 2015 – 697

Musically, Vine, Snapchat… on the conquer.

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San Pedro Calungsod the musical coming to Manila

The musical dedicated to the Filipino saint comes to St Scholastica in Manila this August 27

San Pedro Calungsod the musical
Kuya Manzano as Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores

Catch celebrity singer Gerald Santos in an amazing role that shows the vocal quallities that made him a star.

All together with a talented cast and technical team that will give all our hearts to make you travel with us through the journey of the second Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod.

Tickets on sale for 300php for show of August 27 2016 at 6pm.

Reserve through the FB page and tickets will be under your name at the door one hour before the show.

San Pedro Calungsod the musical
Kuya Manzano (the mentor priest) & Gerald Santos (the saint)

Future pictures and updates at You can communicate in Facebook for details on the tickets.

Watched it? Let us know your feedback please!

Love and Infinity… Kuya Manzano.

Welcome the ET day by the Philippine Raelian Movement

Last April 1st there we celebrated the ET day in Manila!

Philippine Raelians ET day

Raelians Philippines had an outdoor outreach activity.

We met at Quezon Circle, a public park where a lot of people gather. And by giving out ET hugs we shared little papers with the web address

Philippine Raelians ET day

We also gave out some Filipino versions of the manga comic that we printed.

Philippine Raelians ET day

Then the group went to UP Diliman, the university regular meeting place we have and 3 new cellular transmission took place.

raelian philippines et day

It was interesting to have the group bonding cutting the papers with the web address to be distributed. We want to become more outgoing and do more difussion.

Philippine Raelians ET day

Some people who live far send a video like young Danica Raelian, a passionate new girl that just discovered she is a Raelian thru the web. Check the video here.

Philippine Raelians ET day

Special thanks to the always energetic and supportive Saul Goodman (Australian guide).

Philippine Raelians ET day

1 April 70A.H.

Cancer in Space, theater thesis at Ateneo College

theater phiippines

Want to know who’s behind the curtain?

Get to know the playwright of “Cancer in Space”

Gabbi Campomanes has loved theatre since she was but a wee babe. She is currently the Company Manager of Ateneo Blue Repertory and is finishing her degree in Creative Writing. When she isn’t in the theatre, she can be found singing, sleeping marvelling at her sock collection, or reading about how to pickle okra.

“After being diagnosed with an illness that could potentially destroy the planet, Julie is abandoned in a space pod 30,000 kilometers away from the Earth’s surface. In the solitude of outer space, Julie tries to keep things interesting. Even if she’s going to, like, die.”

philippine theater kuya manzano

The Ateneo Fine Arts presents
By Gabbi Campomanes

Part of the 2016 Playwriting Thesis Series

Direction and Set Design by Jay Crisostomo IV

Costume Design by Shawn Landayan

Lights Design by Syd Alcantara

Props Design by Carrie Server

Featuring Jomelle Era, Kuya Manzano, and Justin Ayran

Under the supervision of Glenn Sevilla Mas, MFA and Missy Maramara, MFA

philippine theater kuya manzano

2016 April 14, 16, and 22, 7pm | April 23, 3pm
Ateneo Fine Arts Theatre, 3/F Gonzaga Building
Ateneo de Manila University

Running with KUBKOB by Carmel Ilustrisimo
Tickets are sold as twin bills for P250
For more information, please contact AJ Umali at 0915 266 7792 or fill up the reservation form

Zero risk investment in Money Making Web Pages

How I made it from zero to hero in three months…

Hi, I’m Kuya. I’m a freelance performer with good succes in that field I would say since 1998. I’m a businessman. And an IT person, speciallized in programming software in my younger years.

money web

I’ve been a freelancer my whole life, so moneywise it always has been: now I have, now I don’t have. Coz it depends on the client’s demand.

So now that I’m getting to certain middle age I decided I want to have more passive extra income that doesn’t take my time for it so much. I rescued my programmer abilities and harnested the power of the internet. Lets let robots do the work!


What do I do?

I create webpages that need little supervision and maintenance. With freelancing writers once in a while.

I use software to make them popular and easily found by search engines such as Google.

I sell advertisement in the pages as if it were a magazine and make a profit out of it.

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How profitable is it?

Right now it gives an average of 500 euros a year per web. Some are giving more.

I will give you one of my best performing webs, so it’s the best deal for you.


Why risk zero?

Because I commit to give you 100% of your money back. That’s how confident I am about this business.

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What’s the deal?

We will sign a contract stating the ammount, the name of the web and the profit sharing will be as follows:

  • 70% for you and 30% for me until you recover your investment
  • 40% for you and 60% for me after you recovered your investment since I’m the one making sure it happens


Other details

You will know which is your web, you will have a monthly report and deposit in your bank or paypal. Benefits from 2nd month.

You need to do nothing: nor view, nor click, nor think of how to better it, nor anything. Just trust me and lets profit together for the longest time possible.


Some proof

Here last December 2015 report for all my webs operative till the date: more than 900 euros.

money web


Here detail of yesterday: more than 70 euros.

money web


Here details by webpage of yesterday

money web


So join me now for 500 euros per web or 25,000 php if you are in the Philippines like me.

Good way to make a first contact with me is the FB page

or Twitter

Will love to have you as a business partner and earn together in an always win-win situation, the only way I understand doing business.

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