Government against Church in the Philippines finally!

Ok. So finally a congressman in the Philippines has the guts to stand against religion.
Disclaimer: Don’t read if you are a Christian who can get your feelings easily hurted.

I’m a bit scandalized to see a journalist saying he is crazy and he should worry about other stuff and a friend of mine in Facebook even said “don’t tell me where to worship my god”.
Oh My God! What’s wrong with all you people! What year are you living in!
Kuya Manzano – Photo: Antonio Beas

I thought we were in 2012, when people can internet, go to other planets, videoconference and that it was the moment of the awakening global new age conscience that makes us all smarter and aware of these fairytales told for thousands of years!
Don’t tell me where to worship my god? Exactly. So please don’t tell me or any other person who goes to a public office to renew his driver’s license about your god. I’m not interested. And it is very offensive to see your Christian stuff all over the place.  That’s not your office, you work there, but that’s from the government, that’s public, that’s everyone’s, that’s mine as well. So don’t decide for the rest of us and turn into a church what is a place for all the Filipinos.
Let’s remember that the Philippines is a multicultural, multireligious country. Even Christians here have so many different branches. So to live all in peace respecting the others, don’t put a cross near me. I even get rushes just by imagining it.
Cheers for congressman Palatino from the Kabataan party list!
And for that journalist… this is exactly his job, to do politics. And that’s what the church does ever since it started, they are a political-power organization that has ruled half of the world for ages. Other countries realized this long time ago, come on Philippines! Wake up!
Don’t be afraid of not worshipping a god! Why do you consider the Greek gods as myths and think your Christian stuff is real?
I’m an Spanish-Filipino actor who just arrived from Spain. In Spain they didn’t allow the actors to be buried in the cemetery because it’s holly soil and actors were always considered bad moral people who are influenced by the devil.
So I guess I have no choice but to feel far from an organization that has treated me and my kind so badly ever since. Same happens with the homosexuals, same happens with the Muslims, same happens with couples who cannot have kids, etc, etc, etc.
Kuya Manzano
Actor – Singer – Director – Producer