Loading business oportunity for all networks in the Philippines for just 500php

Start a new life with extra income from the first day.

Have your own business for just 500php, fantastic!




I was at home thinking of how to help the most number of Filipinos who really have what it takes to move forward and do something for themselves. This is the type of people that I want to help.

We live in a third world country and at the same time the fastest growing economy of Asia. So who is getting out of poverty and moving forward, those who will do something for themselves no doubt.

So here it is.

I have been living in the Philippines for a few years now. And since the beginning I’m spending on prepaid phone load, paying high electric bills, buying the services of internet service providers…

And guess what? Last year I discovered this business and I’m saving in my bills every month. So that already makes it worth. And that’s not it. I earn even more than what I save for myself, because I end up selling load to my friends and relatives and get a cut from it EACH TIME!

So with just my regular cellphone in my bag, I’m carrying my business all over the country, always with me. My store is always open and I sell regularly aside from saving every month.

My philosophy in business is to promote the win-win situation always. And I believe in paying forward (help others and that good deed shall come back to you somehow). It’s about karma if you believe in that.


How much can you earn?

Depends on you. You save for yourself every month and you sell load for phones, for videogames (which is super IN in the Philippines), for electric bills, for internet connections…

The commissions go from 0.70% to 15% depending on which product.

For example on my normal bills. One month you spend 1.000php on phone, 1.000php on electricity, 1.000php on internet. That’s 3.000php and you’ll have a rebate of around 100php I would say to be conservative. So I earned 100php. After 5 months I made my money back from this small investment and I start earning every month already.

Also in a regular month I do the favor to my friends and relatives reloading their phones. I reload regularly to my girlfriend and to my titos and some friend. More or less I load another 3.000php a month to other people. So that makes it already 200php a month I make by doing practically nothing. Just texting.

So in 2 or 3 months you already made more than 500php in this case scenario.

Depends on you. This is just an example. Actually I do pretty much more because I sell load at our Coffee shop business and we’re also going to pay the high electric bills there. So we’ll be saving a lot monthly.


How to get it right now?

Deposit thru BDO 620262680 to Luis Antonio M Dominguez 500php. And then send a photo of your receipt in a Private Message to https://www.facebook.com/kuyafanclub indicating your cellphone number to be activated as a retailer and your email.

We will activate your account, and send you the instructions, guides and will assist you so you start earning immediately.


I’m Kuya Manzano: businessman, actor, singer, director, writer, producer. And this is a good chance to improve starting today. I’m here to help you grow! Empowering Filipinos who are willing to move their butts!