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Freedom of speech for Carlos Celdran

Last week Carlos Celdran was forced to stop his performance of Livin’ la vida Imelda in Dubai in the middle of the run. The police started asking him what did he mean when he was talking about the Ghadafi – Imelda Marcos interview.

What’s wrong with this Arab people?

We’re in 2012. It’s time to open our minds and let people comment whatever they want to. It’s called freedom of speech sirs.

Some countries still don’t have it like China or Arab countries. In China they don’t even have Facebook.

Well. Is it better or worse. I never know. China doesn’t have much freedom, but is very secure to walk around…

The Philippines has kindda more freedom, but no security in the streets…

Let’s think of it in a small environment. Let’s think it a house or a family instead of a country.

Imagine someone enters your house and they say your mother is a whore. What would your reaction be? Would you punch that person? Would you throw him out of your place? Would you laugh at it?

Actually you can chose from a big sort of reactions, but what would I do?…

Mmmmm. I would expulse that person out of my house. I would force him to leave for being unrespectful.

Wow, I would kind of react the same as those authoritative countries, mmmm, interesting.

So maybe i cannot blame them even if I want freedom of speech… interesting.

My conclusion is: If you go to your neighbor’s place, respect his rules.

Of course, as this blog says in it’s header. I can always change my opinions anytime. TY 🙂