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The Woman in Black in Manila review: world class theater by a college group?

I was in a total rush to catch the play at 8 pm in Teatrino theater. Coming from my own event and then a casting there was big chances not to catch the gift for the senses that Mr. Toots Tolentino, the PR of this play, had prepared for us.
Arriving a few minutes before the curtain went up, we didn’t have time to shoot proper pictures to illustrate this and I hope another article by my colleague. So we started shooting during the play and the producer came to ask us to delete them because of intellectual property rights.  I’m guessing the right owners really are strict about a play full of light effects and surprises to create that mystery halo of scare ness it has.
Jeremy Domingo, William Manzano & Reb Atadero.
Excited because I’m gonna watch my friend Jeremy Domingo perform, an incredible actor, now I know after watching him carry on all those characters so fast and with so many accents. He explained to the press that it’s really part of his normal job as a voice over talent to master a lot of different accents and voices.
I must admit that as a Spaniard I had a hard time to understand all the text with so many different accents. I was just amazed anyhow every time Jeremy changed character and voice and physicality.
Reb Atadero played the other character. Never met him before and must say he’s also a very good actor giving us a central character to conduct the whole story thru. Also a funny person as he showed during the presscon after the show.
Direction by William Elvin Manzano. Knew him from my role in Noli me tangere the opera, his girlfriend played a character in the play. Not sure if we are related actually, but there are not so many Manzanos in the Philippines, right? So…
I knew W.E. Manzano was a musician, and now I know he’s a DIRECTOR oh yes, with big letters. This output was so professional, so taken care of every detail. He made the actors really alive and constantly active with the energy always up. And lights, props, timing all in place.
Knowing the pay was produced by Dulaang Kalay, a college theater group, I was so surprised to see this impressive output. Congratulations to all the team. And congratulations for taking the decision of teaming up with Word of Mouth Theater coz’ all together you made it come true.
A special mention to the light design by Meliton Roxas Jr. So sad not to have the pictures of his lighting. It really created an atmosphere to believe. Scary and beautiful.

Precious Cundañgan, Jeremy Domingo, William Manzano & Kuya Manzano.

Thanks to Teatrino for lowering the aircon in the second half. During the first part we were all hugging and covering because of the low temperature, but I even thought it was a part of the ambient of the play, to get us into the foggy site.
And thanks to the sponsors, specially the FIC icecream. Great detail to greet us with one before the start.
KuyaManzano. Manila, 2012.

Pictures by Marian Yu.