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Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines

How to launch a singer career step by step in the Philippines? Sometimes when you thought you already know what to do, you would still put up a checklist that would guide you. Was it really that hard to launch a singer career? It often lies on the kind of passion you pour into it.

So you discovered that you can carry a tune. You are not tone deaf. And everyone around you is impressed at how your voice matched the music. And no matter how loud the karaoke machine is, you’re still in tune. How to launch a singer career step by step in the Philippines then?

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musical Online’s YouTube channel

– Join a band for a singer career step by step in the Philippines

It sounded like a cliche on getting a singer career step by step in the Philippines. But I should know since I have been in a band myself. In case you didn’t know, years ago I was the lead vocalist for a Spanish rock band. It’s called Memento Mori. And we performed cover versions of mainstream hits like Metallica’s For Whom The Bell Tolls and Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law.

It got me into gigs I don’t usually get into. It also served as an opportunity to prove my versatility as an artist. My orientation may have been bel canto opera. But I enjoy other genres too. It inspired me strongly enough to front a band heavily influenced by rock music. I got to entertain fellow rock fans. And I get to do what I love most – singing.

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from my YouTube channel

– Join a singing contest for singer career step by step in the Philippines

There are several singers and entertainers now that join contests not only to win. The exposure alone got them gigs that secured a singer career step by step in the Philippines. The main difference though with joining a band is that you get to strike out on your own. It also serves as an opening to be discovered. Singing in a different genre that more people can identify and relate to (like Top 40 Hits) gets the public’s attention.

But don’t do it for the sake of “relevance”. If you have been watching enough episodes of some singing contests like American Idol and The Voice, you know that some auditionees failed due to wrong song choice. Shift that situation to launching a singer career step by step in the Philippines and not everyone gets a second chance like in the Idol franchise. So sticking to your strengths would still be highly recommended. You wanted to prove that you can sing well? Sing songs from a genre that you are really good at.

I managed to get into a singing contest at Fisher Mall and get good reviews. I sang 2 songs that are available for you to enjoy. One is “The Impossible Dream”. The other is “This is the Moment”. Both songs are part of my standard playlist because I can sing both of them well. That is one of the crucial tips that you need to remember. You want to be remembered for a particular genre or repertoire, right?

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
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– Recordings for a singer career step by step in the Philippines

Be it a cover of a song or an original composition, having a clip to show around still works. I have an original composition, Wellfire’s “Hold Me”, on my Soundcloud account. Think of it as building your portfolio to have a singer career step by step in the Philippines. How can you explain best the proliferation of YouTube channels and stand alone websites of professional singers? Gigs and exposure work. But for future talent scouts, they would need documented proof of your talent too.

This brings me to other performances that I got cast into. Being a theater actor, I got cast in productions that showcased 2 of my talents. Add the bel canto training that I received early in my budding career. And you realize why I got cast into perhaps the longest running Filipino opera ever – Noli Me Tangere. Good thing some excerpts were uploaded on YouTube for everyone to see. It’s one of the strongest vocal performances so far in my career. And it served as the best reference for talent scouts everywhere that needed to see proof of my talent.

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musicals Online’s YouTube channel

Finding success in a singer career step by step in the Philippines meant getting to earn from doing what you love. Don’t be easily discouraged when you don’t win contests. Capitalize on the exposure. Take advantage of the opportunity to record your own performances. It often serves 2 purposes. One is to observe where you need to improve. Two is to upload it online to market yourself for events that need performers.

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How to be a Good Singer

Learning how to be a good singer is better than just learning how to belt out the high notes. If you plan to take a professional career when it comes to singing, the tips below would be very helpful to guide you on that journey.

How to be a Good Singer

The last kind of inconvenience you need is a dry throat. If non-performers would need plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated, what more for singers with a budding career? It would be difficult to dish out the needed notes in a song when you’re struggling with a dry throat. A dry throat is often a precursor to difficulty in the air passages due to lack of moisture. Keeping it moist would extend the moisture to the mouth and help a superfluous flow of air and voice – both elements that are crucial in delivering a credible or at least a decent performance.

And in saying water, it means not coffee or alcohol prior to a performance. You may have heard about some performers that can’t perform much when not drunk. Confidence has to be natural, not reliant on substances like alcohol. So might as well go with water. Make it at least 2 liters a day.

How to be a Good Singer

Dairy products like cheese in sandwiches and ice cream. No chocolate either. You can have that chocolate candy bar another day like the day after a performance. Before that, it would cause excess mucus secretion on the throat linings. It irritates the throat enough to make you cough or have some “paos” moments in the middle of the song. It happens in some occasions and the performer realizes it too late. But you can avoid such incidents from happening in your own event if you could avoid the confectionery at least 24 hours prior to that performance.

How to be a Good Singer

After an advice on how to avoid irritating your throat, the next sensible body part that you need to take care of is your pair of lungs. You may have read about chest resonance as an important skill that you need to harness within your body. It’s hard to achieve appropriate chest resonance when you’re damaging your own lungs.

Some singers managed to get away with smoking onstage in the middle of a performance. But the long-term effects became evident years after they did it. Shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and other negative effects of smoking that transcended into the vocal chords can be heard in how some of them sing their songs. If you would like to have a raspy voice to go with your rock repertoire, then stick to a rock repertoire. Just be reminded though that not everyone that smokes achieves the desired quality of a rock-ready raspy voice.

How to be a Good Singer

Breathing exercises are not limited to meditation sessions. Such rituals exist for performers too especially those who are reliant on their vocal chords for a credible performance. To test yourself if you have breathed well enough, try sitting upright – the stomach-in-chest-out type of posture. Then breathe in within 2 seconds. Exhale the next 2 seconds. Try counting the seconds from one to four when trying to breath in and out – 2 seconds to inhale and 2 seconds to exhale. And breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. Collecting oxygen for your lungs would be better that way.

Stomach resonance, chest resonance and head resonance – all these factors get fixed after constant breathing practice. Better air flow right from the bottom of your diaphragm to your nose and mouth conditions the upper body for a performance. Once breathing gets smoother. better vocal power is harnessed. This would mean less incidents of shortness of breath in congruence with keeping your throat hydrated for the next performance.

How to be a Good Singer

You don’t have to sing daily on an hourly basis. And it’s not because “Practice makes perfect; nobody’s perfect so don’t practice”. It’s because, to quote Placido Domingo in his episode at HBO’s Masterclass “We live with the instrument”. When you are a performer, your voice is not just a voice anymore. It’s an instrument that you use to entertain people. Whether you take care of it or not, wear-and-tear issues will set in. Of course, the wear-and-tear issues will surface earlier if you don’t take care of your vocal chords well enough. It’s also the quickest way to develop lymph nodes. Some opera singers still have a career to come back to but they don’t always sound the same as prior to the operation. That should serve as a cautionary tale to everyone who is fond of over-singing.

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