Tom Hanks: On Acting

Being an actor is “a continuous process of examining where you are in life” reflects Tom Hanks as he talks about living off a week, how every director is various and the significance of energy and impulse in his early profession.

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24 thoughts on “Tom Hanks: On Acting”

  1. One reason why Tom Hanks is so successfull and popular: He is completly
    devoid of any cynicism. That is rare, especially in that business.

  2. This man makes me so overwhelmed! I’ve seen Turner and Hooch, Big, Forrest
    Gump, The Money Pit, Castaway, All the toy story movies, Saving Mr. Banks,
    Captain Rogers, Mermaid, etc…
    All the genres he does so well and with such passion is what makes him my
    favorite actor ever! Plus, regardless of his talent, he just seems like a
    genuinely smart and nice guy. Unlike most celebrities who show their dark
    sides through interviews. 

  3. Tom Hanks looks like a gay German guy who’s into scat shit eating
    contests. He’s the most disgusting face I’ve ever seen as an actor. He
    also wears a toupee if anyone ever wondered.

  4. what he said at 5:40 is what im going through right now. im 20 years old
    and im honestly dissatisfied with my current situation. and honestly im
    starting to feel old. anyone else ever feel similar?

  5. This video is great.
    It’s such an inspiration to hear the story of Tom Hanks.
    How he did it, the struggle and the decision that he made.
    To hear this from him, it’s amazing and in inspiring.
    It’s really inspiring for young actors like me.
    This man is amazing, as an actor and as a person. 

  6. “Examining of who you are, so it can be reflected in your work” Tom Hanks!
    This segment completely a awakening for me. ThankYou 

  7. this guy was born to be an actor. I haven’t seen anyone with that kind of
    talent. Today, Daniel Day Lewis, Michael Fassbender, and Robin Williams
    (may come close) My personal favorite is Woody Harrelson. Very
    underrated. Tom Hanks could be considered the greatest and I could not

  8. Certainly among the most versatile and talented thespians around but this
    whole business of comparing one actor against another is really asinine
    since the successful ones are as a rule so talented and had such fantastic
    timing in launching their careers anyway.

  9. Tom was fucking brilliant in Captain Phillips. The ending scene is gut
    wrenching and at the time I didn’t like to watch it but I was captivated by
    Tom’s performance that I found myself watching some of the best acting I’ve

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