Why watch They’re Playing Our Song the musical, in Manila?

Coz Nikki Gil is a fabulous actress and singer and she’s really proving it here! She was super full of energy and super confident with her character. You can really see she worked on it deeply and makes it seem effortless.

Coz Robbie Guevara, the director does a very good job. Not for no reason he comes from Repertory Philippines where he learned everything as he said several times.

Coz it’s very brave for 9Works theater company with Santi Santamaria as the executive producer to produce Broadway musicals one after the other, so we Filipinos can enjoy them. Thank you.

Coz the chorus has well seasoned thespians and friends who have been proving themselves for so many years.

Coz the many sets are fantastic as you can see in these pics. I’m amazed of how productions that run for such a short time (the normal thing in the Philippines) can make back the money having such good sets, and props, and costumes and artists.

Coz the musical director Jo Tolentino is super energetic and coordinated perfectly even when he had the orchestra divided in each side of the stage!

And check the ushers, they’re sexy thespians too!
Congrats 9Works for a good good production! Looking forward for Grease.