3-6 July 2014: Savings and researching

A few days without publishing make me loose track and produce less I think. To publish is to commit.

3 July

– SAVINGS. Found new provider for the Cafe way cheaper and still same quality
– Beautified the shop with some upgrades.
– Socialized and supported the opening of a film from an actor friend
– Made some calls about posible extra jobs
– social media

4 July
– bank errands
– motorbike repairing
– shopping for ichill
– social media

5 July
– new wifi system at ichill
– motorbike fixing
– social media

6 July
– 3h. Online articles 3 of 3 down. Job finished, waiting for payment.
– 3h feeding my mind with the Filipino Freethinkers.
– Exercise for healthy body and energy and awake mind.
– 3 hours researching how to lower the electric bill of our Coffee Shop.
– 1h preparing my loading phone business
– social media

Seems I didn’t cash much these past days, but I did research for savings and made actual savings and upgrades, so that’s also profitable work after all.