30 June 2014: Money Making Day for me.

So sometimes the urgent thing becomes the only thing that can occupy my mind. Specially if I’m in a bankrupt situation, right?

So today I invested my time in money making activities. Hope I did this more frequently.

Also I want to make this diary the hour counting system to know how many hours I dedicate to each activity to see if I’m making the most of my time. That’s where the focus needs to be when needed to to a big effort to turn the numbers’ color around as fast a possible.

– 2h doing social media and home minor errands.

Spanish private lesson at 1pm for 2h.

– 4pm checking on an event rental at iChill Theater Cafe.
– Interview to teach Spanish at 5pm, but was postponed…
– 6pm started writing articles for webs online, hired job. 5 done. 6h

I would never imagined that after 3 years in the Philippines I would be payed as a writer in English, I would do theater in English and I would do concerts entirely in English. I must recognize that advancement and prize myself for it accordingly. Congrats Kuya! As I go on the spell checker online indicates less and less spelling errors šŸ™‚

Also during the Broadway concerts I sang 6 solo songs in a concert. That’s my concert record so far. So congrats again Kuya!

Day conclussion: 10h of money making work, yes sir! Proud of myself. Hope I can do this everyday and will solve my economy pretty fast. I hope to keep focused.

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