Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

Andi Manzano Biography – Meet The Family

I like my family. And I like writing the Andi Manzano Biography knowing how fun it can be to have a DJ for a cousin. I turn on the radio and all I have to do is switch over to 89.9 to hear her voice. So I might as well share what do I know about her.

Born Andrea Bianca Manzano, she was known on Philippine radio by her other name, Andi9, on Magic 89.9. Originally one of the hosts of Good Times with Mo Twister, she eventually got moved into an afternoon slot also on the same station. As of late, she is enjoying the married life with GP Reyes, as shown on her blog, But since she is more known as a host, I chose to highlight everything great she did. Think of it as putting her hosting resume to the spotlight.

Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

Magic 89.9

Currently a radio disc jockey on the upscale radio station Magic 89.9, Andi knows to keep her audience interested with that pleasant voice and friendly demeanor. And she has a good command of English with an almost neutered “twang” accent. Listening to her makes the day more bearable.

She can host a show on her own but it has become evident that she makes the hosting job more natural and extra entertaining when shared with another DJ. And she knew that having a co-host meant giving her the opportunity to talk too. It’s not just HER show, it’s THEIR show. So she doesn’t hog the microphone to herself.

This was evident whenever her co-host, Jessica, is delivering the Hollywood news on their program. Andi knew how to keep sounding interested without diverting the attention to her. She would comment in between but would limit it to a few words with respect to the news presenter. Once it’s her turn to talk in between tunes played and commercial breaks, the pleasant and friendly demeanor is still there, upbeat and perky just like how her audience loved it.

Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

Hosting on QTube

The same upbeat and friendly manner she hosted her show was the same attitude she carried over to her light magazine show, QTube, from the now-defunct lifestyle network QTV (now GMA News TV). Since the crew already realized her strength in hosting for 2, she has a co-host for this show, Filipino Australian model Andy Smith. No wonder the blog version of their program was eventually named “The Andi and Andy Blog”.

Andi provided the perky vibes that fans were already familiar with except that they have visuals to confirm what they have been thinking the moment they heard her voice on air – she’s cute. Cute as a button but you already knew that hosting is not limited to being cute. You need to deliver the goods too.

As a host, she knew that it’s about presenting a topic or personality, if it’s an interview. She has a way to make a segment about the topic or person interviewed, not about her. I mean you can make her talk but she would make it less about herself and more about the topic. She knew that as a host, there is enough attention on her. Knowing that it’s her job to divert the attention to the subject at hand meant that she’s clearly aware of the priorities set in hosting a light magazine type of show. And she has a brilliant way of making it look spontaneous.

Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

Hosting Gigs on MTV Philippines

Can she make her topics interesting even when put in a show where she’s the only host? Based on what was seen on her roadie type of show, MTV Full Tank, yes. And since travelling is included in the package, she would enjoy the scenes without losing track of her hosting duties. She didn’t mind getting taped with a DSLR camera hanging from her neck. All inhibitions lost in the middle of a hosting gig, everything ends up going as natural as it can get.

Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

As a host, she’s very casual. She won’t let the hosting duties limit her from describing just the place and the things that she sees. She doesn’t simply describe everything she sees, she describes everything she feels including the joy of having that starfish on her hand. She would share the joy of getting submerged knee-deep into the water close to the rocks and make it sound like the best feeling in the whole wide world in the same manner that she can share the mixed positive emotions of holding a live crab because she can’t decide on whether to eat it or not.

Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

The common misconception about being an effective host is speaking ONLY in English. Wrong. She would mention a few Tagalog words in between her spiels and would not sound awkward or forced. Well, compared to me, her command of Tagalog is pretty “matatas” (fluent). So hosting in English with a few Tagalog words only shows the kind of hosting talent she can provide for you. We’re in the Philippines anyway. Why choose between English and Tagalog when you can speak both?

Andi Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

Talent is really in our blood. And most of the time it’s not limited to only one thing. Some of them like Luis and Andi found their strengths in hosting. For events and bookings, she can be reached on her aforementioned blog, and her social media accounts – her Facebook, her Twitter, her IG and her Pinterest.

As for me, why choose when I can have all talents? I just need to keep harnessing them one by one. Of course you get to judge for yourself the level of improvement that I have reached so far. All you have to do is to like my Facebook page, Kuya Manzano Fan Club, and follow me on Twitter @kuyamanzano. Gracias.