Luis Manzano Biography - Meet The Family

Luis Manzano Biography – Meet The Family

Discussing the Luis Manzano Biography is inevitable for me. Everyone I meet end up asking me several things the moment they learn that my name is Kuya Manzano. That should not be so surprising as 2 of my relatives  were already well-known here way before I decided to stay here in the Philippines for good. So I might as well share how well do I know them.

Luis Manzano Biography - Meet The Family
Image from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Let me start with the most famous cousin I have so far – Luis Manzano. Well, that was not how he first came to prominence in Philippine media. It all started with a commercial that her mother, The Star for All Seasons, Ms Vilma Santos, got signed up for. It’s an ad for a major telecommunications company where it closes with the line “I love you, Lucky!” since her hectic schedule meant getting in touch with her son most of the time through mobile phone.

Eventually, the public learned who “Lucky” is. But the moment he entered showbusiness, he opted to go with the name “Luis”. I can’t blame him if he wanted to make a name for himself that will not get him stuck under the shadows of his famous parents, current Batangas Gov. Vilma and my uncle, Edu Manzano. Besides, he became known more as a video jock on the local music channel, Myx, and a television host.

Of course, the acting bug bit him later on as the entertainment industry is really in his blood. One of his first films was with Star Cinema entitled “All About Love”. Since then, he found a nice niche in comedies like “Ang Cute ng Ina Mo”, “Who’s That Girl” and “Moron 5 and the Crying Lady”.

Luis Manzano Biography - Meet The Family
Luis Manzano as “Flash Bomba”

He dabbled in acting n television as well and earned some roles that turned out to be memorable for him. 2 of the roles he bagged are in fantasy series like “Dyosa” (starring Anne Curtis) where he played a merman and “Flash Bomba”. “Flash Bomba” is a weekly TV series based on the hit comic series by Mars Ravelo where Luis played the title role of a superhero whose superpowers are extra big feet that made him jump high and extra big hands that produced thunder claps loud enough to deafen his opponents.

Luis Manzano Biography - Meet The Family
Poster for “In My Life”

His most memorable film though is where he let himself get cast against type in the movie “In My Life” where he got to play the son whose homosexuality was not totally accepted by his mother. The mother was played by his real life mother, Ms Vilma Santos, and it made the film extra special. The person who played his love interest is one of the top box office draws in Philippine cinema today – John Lloyd Cruz.

In between films, he still gets into hosting gigs that get aired on TV. As of this writing, he is one of the hosts of Season 2 of The Voice of the Philippines, a hosting job he bagged after his gig at Season 1 The Voice of the Philippines Kids Edition earned good feedback. You can also say that he did a great job hosting “Pilipinas Got Talent”, a job he shared with his co-host, international pop star Billy Crawford. As quality hosting jobs eventually became his forte, he returned as a game show host upon the return of the hit program “Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal”.

As accomplishments come, most of them are earned from his hosting gigs. Accolades from major award giving bodies like the PMPC Star Awards for TV and Yahoo OMG Awards, a bright career ahead is secured for someone like Luis Manzano. Decent comic timing to go with a charming wit turned out to be excellent qualities worth emulating apart from a professional working attitude. No wonder his personal life is also rosy. Sorry to disappoint you, girls, but he’s already in a relationship with an award-winning actress nonetheless, Ms Angel Locsin.

Luis Manzano Biography - Meet The Family
From Luis Manzano’s Instagram account, Image with Angel Locsin

Such are the perks of having a clan immersed in the entertainment industry. I feel so at home in this environment. Could I possibly be a topnotch host just like my cousin, Luis? It’s for me to know and for you to find out. You can keep track of that progress by liking my official Facebook page, Kuya Manzano Fan Club, and by following me on Twitter @kuyamanzano. Gracias!