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Things I want and desire

I want

I want money.

I want sex.

I want power.

I want a world with enhanced minds who don’t believe nonsense they told them from birth.

I want honest police.

I want to enjoy life having pleasure every day.

I want to sing like Placido Domingo.

I want to be a rock star.

I want to be a movie star.

I want have a peaceful and relaxed life.

I want unisex toilets.

I want unisex clothing.

I want unisex names.

I want questionnaires without a gender box, or civil status box, or address box.

I want to be treated as any other customer or better.

I want special food.

I want to be the first to be attended.

I want freedom of speech and thought.

I want art with a message.

I want to be taller.

I want to be sexier.

I want a taxi company soon maybe.

I want professional employees who I can trust.

I want to create something revolutionary.

I want to create a new religion where I’m the god.