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Tips for a singing career

I’ve been browsing around and for these guidelines to have a singing career, hope I can follow through!

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Image from my Facebook Fan Page

I also added steps I think that would help me in the Philippines.

  • Have voice lessons. This I had a lot.
  • Second step to have a singing career is singe a lot in front of people, concert a lot all over the city. OK, I take it as a challenge.
  • Third step of a singing career is to audition and join musicals. Done that a lot.
  • 4th step with a singing career is record yourself and post it. Have done somewhat, can do this a lot more yet.
  • 5th singing career step. Is to be a big fish in your small pond. Sing locally in the biggest events. Haven’t done this much actually yet.
  • 6th singing career tip is to find your style and stick to it so you create a brand. I still don’t know if to go for rock or Broadway.
  • I think it has to be a blended performer career, not only singing, I must act and do other artistic stuff together with singing to boost.
  • I must join a band and or a singing contest of course, that will help much.
  • To be a singer I need a following in social media. Working on it.
  • Professional recordings are needed. I could get those through collaborations at this point I guess.
  • Gotta be brave and have some showmanship.
  • Start singing original songs, not covers. Collaborating is the key.
  • Learn piano or guitar. I pick piano.
  • Learn Tagalog and record Tagalog songs.
  • Audition for every singing contest, even if it has to be online.
  • Work begets work. Exposure will get more work.
  • Sing in weddings, parties, jingles, non stop.
  • Top confidence believing in yourself is capital.
  • Personallity is a pillar. No personallity, not an interesting singer.
  • Cater to your audience. It’s abut them more than about you. They pay the tickets after all.
  • Choose your audience. You cannot please everyone.
  • Study marketing, self promotion techniques online, etc.
Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musical Online’s YouTube channel

Please give me your tips and opinions, all help is welcome, thank you!

Things I want and desire

I want

I want money.

I want sex.

I want power.

I want a world with enhanced minds who don’t believe nonsense they told them from birth.

I want honest police.

I want to enjoy life having pleasure every day.

I want to sing like Placido Domingo.

I want to be a rock star.

I want to be a movie star.

I want have a peaceful and relaxed life.

I want unisex toilets.

I want unisex clothing.

I want unisex names.

I want questionnaires without a gender box, or civil status box, or address box.

I want to be treated as any other customer or better.

I want special food.

I want to be the first to be attended.

I want freedom of speech and thought.

I want art with a message.

I want to be taller.

I want to be sexier.

I want a taxi company soon maybe.

I want professional employees who I can trust.

I want to create something revolutionary.

I want to create a new religion where I’m the god.