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Raelian Philippines September 2015 report

Big and important changes are happening in the Philippine Raelian movement.

Raelian Philippines Tagalog

We are moving towards confidence and activity.

social media

  • Monthly fees collected with increase in people donating.
  • Confidence building activities conducted.
  • Group dancing activities conducted.

Yaweh Elohim

jesuschrist is a raelian


Love and Infinity!


Kuya Manzano

Philippine Raelians




Raelian Philippines July-August 2015 progress

July 2015


August 2015

  • FB group starts with 404 members, ends with 424. Increase 20.Go Topless gotopless.org
  • FB page starts with 265 likes,ends with 292. Increase 27.Go Topless gotopless.org
  • In regular meeting (30 attendees) we achieved new stuff:
    • Laugh therapy
    • Dance together
    • New Rael video messages from Okinawa
    • Started collecting monthly fees!Go Topless gotopless.org
  • 3 male cellular transmissions done.
  • Go Topless event https://www.facebook.com/events/450512401803554/Go Topless gotopless.org

Please follow the Facebook Raelian Philippines page and chat in the Raelian Philippine group.