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Raelian Philippines September 2015 report

Big and important changes are happening in the Philippine Raelian movement.

Raelian Philippines Tagalog

We are moving towards confidence and activity.

social media

  • Monthly fees collected with increase in people donating.
  • Confidence building activities conducted.
  • Group dancing activities conducted.

Yaweh Elohim

jesuschrist is a raelian


Love and Infinity!


Kuya Manzano

Philippine Raelians




Raelian – A new truth – The real religion

I discovered a new truth that makes all the sense. Who taught the Pyramids, who created the world?

For a long time, researchers have been debating the two principle conceivable outcomes for the inception and significance of life. Some try with a higher philosophical measurement, which they can’t find in the hypothesis of development, while others reject as nonsensical any reference to a god-like god.

However suppose it is possible that an alternate hypothesis, one both discerning and with philosophical profundity, were to be accessible.

This is the thing that the “Message” proposes: Thousands of years back, researchers from an alternate planet came to Earth and made all manifestations of life, including people, whom they made in their own particular picture. References to these researchers and their work could be found in the ancient writings of numerous societies. Because of their exceedingly developed innovation, they were considered as divine beings by our primitive precursors and regularly alluded to as “Elohim” which in old Hebrew signified ‘The individuals who originated from the sky’.

Regardless of being a plural word, Elohim was mistranslated about whether to the independent “God” reference that shows up in advanced Bibles.

All things considered, these individuals who originated from the sky (the Elohim) taught mankind through the ages with the assistance of different delegates (additionally called prophets) with whom they had reached. Every errand person was given a message suitable for the level of comprehension common at the time, with the basic role of imparting fundamental standards of peacefulness and appreciation. When humankind arrived at a sufficient level of logical comprehension, the Elohim chose to make themselves more obvious in UFO sightings and to consider their last message. Rael was given two missions: spreading that keep going message on Earth and setting up a government office to welcome the reappearance of our makers.

The nonbeliever ‘Intelligent Design Theory’ offers a balanced answer for the age-old open deliberation between God-adherents and evolutionists. It’s perfect with today’s logical disclosures as well as with the antiquated authentic records of all societies.

Yet don’t take my word of honor for it. Read Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers for yourself and do your exploration.

I promise you’ll never have a the same thoughts again!