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Affordable Social Media Management

3 Reasons Why Social Media is One of the Most Important Marketing ...

Benefits – Let me take care of:

  • Making your numbers soar
  • Turning you into an authority in your field
  • Bringing in sales
  • Make you go viral
  • Assess and mentor you on content and strategies

Proof (all from scratch)

  • Kuya Manzano 96k followers
  • iChilll Theater Cafe 46k followers
  • Ira Kero 86k followers
  • Raelian Philippines 20k followers
  • Gone viral with videos over 2 Million views twice in FB and 4 Million views in Youtube
  • Got contract as an Influencer from Management company from Los Angeles Thoughtful Media


  • Grow your followers from targeted audience interested in your topic
  • Message them as soon as they follow
  • Publish regularly
  • Build engagement and views
  • Build effective paid advertisement


  • $50 a month for each platform: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.
  • $100 a month starter package deal managing all your social media.

Ready for action? This is the most affordable social media management friend, who on top of service, cares for your business and travels all the way with you. Send me a message with your decision / comments / questions or notice of payment HERE.