Work History


TV series He’s into Her. Role: Headmaster Mendoza. Philippines.

TV series Tadhana “Gelato”. Role: Italian policeman. Philippines.

TV interview for GMA TV speaking about the Raelian Movement.

TV series Class 3C. Role: Rich gambler, Philippines. Dir. Law Fajardo.

TV series Story of Us. Role: Mafia boss, Philippines.

TV series Tadhana. Role: Spanish police, Philippines.

TV series MMK. Role: Spanish chef, Philippines.

TV series  Yagit. Role: Spanish lawyer, Philippines.

TV series  In the Wings of Love. Role: Building manager, ABSCBN TV, Philippines.

TV series  Katipunan. Role: Mateo Flores. GMA7, Philippines.

Documentary drama  Miss Spain. Japanese production, dir. Katsunori Takeuchi, Philippines.

TV guest singer Linkod Bayan, by Tony Falcon. 3 different chapters.

TV series Enchanted Garden. Role: Mr. Vanderbilt. TV5 Philippines.

TV series Walang Hanggan. ABS-CBN Philippines.

TV  program for  Host.  Spain.

TV  program “Debates de VTV”.  Host. Spain.

TV series “Hermanos y Detectives”, supporting role. Tele 5 channel, Spain.

TV  series “Cuarto Milenio”, as Houdini. Canal Cuatro channel, Spain.

TV  “Carabanshow”, Host. Prod. Puerta Bonita. Spain.


Feature film The Lease. Dir Paolo Bertola. Philippines.

Feature film Hermano Puli. Dir Gil Portes. Philippines.

Feature film Sa Panahong Tulad Nito. Role: Consultant of the President. Philippines.

Feature film Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis. Dir Lav Diaz. Role: Padre Camorra, Philippines.

Feature film Ang Sugo: Felix Manalo. Role: Catholic priest. Dir: Julius Alfonso, Philippines.

Feature film Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo. Cameo role: Deputy priest. Dir: Enzo Williams, Philippines.

Short film Siri. Role: Dark Lord. Dir: Anj Macalanda, Philippines.

Feature film Abomination. Role: Tom. Dir: Yam Laranas, Philippines.

Feature film  Heneral Luna. Role: Spanish businessman. Dir: Jerrold Tarog, Philippines.

Feature film  Pedro Calungsod. Role: Mendoza. Metro Manila Film Festival. Dir. Francis Villacorta.

Feature film  Amor y Muerte. Role: Fray Santiago. Cinemalaya. Dir. Ces Evangelista.

Feature film  Slumber Party. Role: Host of Miss Universe. Dir. Emmanuel de la Cruz.

Feature film  Death Match. Role: Lance. Japan produced. Dir. Atsushi Muroga.

Feature film  Si Agimat, si Enteng at Ako. Role: Alejandro. Philippines.

Feature film  Bad Romance. Role: Spanish reporter. Philippines.

Feature film  Ang Supremo. Role: Lieutenant Jose. Philippines.

Feature film  Changing Direction.  Dir. Kuya Manzano. Philippines-Spain.

Feature film  Caso Lobo.  Dir. Fernando Chapado. Spain.

Feature film  “Demium-Instinto”, supporting role. Antena 3 TV.


“Sindak 1941”, the musical. Role: General MacArthur. Philippine Stagers Foundation.

“Miong”, the musical. Role: Spanish General Ramon Blanco. Repertory Philippines.

“Guadalupe”, the musical. Role: Governor Guzman. Meralco theater. Philippines.

“Pedro Calungsod”, the musical. Role: Padre San Vitores. National tour. Philippines.

“Marco Polo”, the musical. Role: Emperor Kublai Khan. CCP main theater. Philippines.

“The Fantasticks”, the musical. Role: Matt. Philippines.

“Marco Polo”, the musical. Role: Baron Tegan. Meralco theater, Philippines.

“Seussical”, the musical. Repertory Philippines.

“Peter Pan”, the musical. Dir. Menchu Lauchenco & Jaime del Mundo. Meralco theater, Philippines.

“Hamelin”, the musical. Dir. Christian Märtens. Spain.

“Nos vamos de campamento”, musical theater, lead role, Spanish tour.

“Pinocchio”, musical theater, lead role: Pinocchio, Sanpol Theater, Spain.

“Peter Pan”, musical theater, role: Michael, Calderon Theater, Spain.

“Man of La Mancha”, musical theater, dir. Gustavo Tambascio, Calderon Theater, Spain.

“La Magia de Broadway” as Soloist. Palacio de la Paz, Málaga. Spain.

“Zenitcienta 26”, musical theater, lead role: Baco, Spain.


“Noli me tangere”, the opera. Lead role: Ibarra. Dulaang UP. Philippines.

“Chateau Margaux”, musical theater, role: Manuel, Padre Soler Auditorium, Spain.

“La Verbena de La Paloma”, musical theater, role: Don Sebastian, Jofre Theater, (Galicia) Spain.

“La Calesera”, musical theater, role: Gangarilla, Cervantes Theater, (Logroño) Spain.

“Gigantes y Cabezudos”, musical theater, role: Pascual, Cervantes Theater, (Logroño) Spain.

“Doña Francisquita”, musical theater, role: Juan Andrés, Teatro Madrid (Madrid), Spain.

“Katiuska”, musical theater, role: Koska, Principal Theater, (Vitoria) Spain.

“Luisa Fernanda”, musical theater, role: Jeromo, Teatro Madrid (Madrid), Spain.

Around 30 Zarzuelas & Operas in Spain & Portugal’s biggest theaters as ensemble.


“Cancer in Space”, role: The Robot. Dir – Jay Crisostomo. Philippines.

“Hamlet”, lead role: Hamlet. Dir – Jay Crisostomo. Philippines.

“Livin’ la vida Imelda”, theater. By Carlos Celdran. Philippines.

“Universal Expo Shanghai”, lead role. 4 months in CHINA.

“Save Peter Pan”, lead role: Peter Pan, Spanish tour. (in English).

“Edward Kingston Perez”, lead role, International culture congress. (Madrid) Spain.


Strepsils medical supplement brand. Role: TV contest host. Philippines 2020.

Tide detergent brand. Main role. Philippines 2020.

Sunlife insurance brand. Main role. Philippines 2018.

Chevrolet car brand. Main role. Philippines 2016.


–          Wellfire. Rock band. Guest star. Spain-Philippines.

–          Rustie Kastuo. Rock band. Guest star. Spain.

–          Memento Mori. Rock band. Soloist. Spain.

–          Rap “Por que no te callas”, Guest star. Spain.

–          Canciones de Siempre, by D. Ricardo Vidal. Soloist. Spain.

–          Man of La Mancha, the musical. Spain.

–          Paseo musical, by D. Ricardo Vidal. Spain.

–          Oliver!, the musical. Spain.

–          El Principito, the musical. Spain.


–          TV guesting song at 84th Elvis Presley birthday, EURO TV, Philippines.

–          Soloist of Mexican National Anthem, for the Mexican embassy, Philippines.

–          Soloist and host at The Spirit is Calling, variety show, Philippines.

–          Soloist at Kuya Manzano on Broadway, Rizal Park Open Auditorium, Philippines.

–          Soloist at Broadway Heroes & Heroines, Philippines.

–          Soloist at Manila Transitio for Carlos Celdran, Philippines.

–          Soloist at 7th High Lounge, Philippines.

–          Soloist in Palladium, New World Hotel, Philippines.

–          Soloist in Lunar Saints concert, Philippines.

–          Soloist in Memento Mori rock band. Spain.

–          Soloist in Aceptamos Sugerencias rock band. Spain.

–          Soloist in Montreal band. Spain.

–          Soloist in Armantika rock band. Spain.

–          Soloist in Charter band. Spain.

–          Zarzuela.  As comic tenor and main tenor, Spain.

–          Soloist in Elixir band. Spain.

–          Soloist in “Cirque du Soleil” show by Grupo Factoria in Madrid. Spain.

–          Finalist of TV contest “Show store” as Soloist, Canal 7 channel (Madrid). Spain.

–          Gospell & Walt Disney Spanish tour. Soloist.

–          “Christmas”. Spanish National radio. Soloist.



Runway Fantasy, catwalk event. Manila, Philippines.

Olympus bodypaint. Glorietta mall, Philippines.

Marian Yu photography, several shoots. Philippines.

Pillow Fight Manila, photoshoot. Philippines.

Antonio Beas photography, several shoots. Spain.

“Dressingrooms” book, photoshoot by Sergio Parra. Spain.

“Telefonica” TV commercial. Spain.

“Gente” magazine, cover picture. Spain.

Red Cross year book, photoshoot. Spain.



Dance: ballet, tap, flamenco. Julie Borromeo dance school. Philippines.

Acting for the camera. Pape Perez. Spain.

Acting & stage Writing. Juan Diego, Carmelo Gómez, Sanchis Sinisterra, Javier Maqua. Spain.

Acting. “El Candil” (Madrid). Armando Arjona, Celso Lopez. Spain.

Acting “Tribuana”. Tapa Sudana (collaborator of Peter Brook). Spain.

Acting. Doris Fuertes & Denis Rafter  (Memory, Madrid). Spain.

Singing with Clarissa Ocampo, Antonio Queimadelos, Rosario Ruiz, Mía Paterson, Amelia Font, Miguel del Arco, Annie Sun.


Casting Associate Rainbow modelling agency. Philippines.

Directing and producing shows at iChill Theater Cafe. Manila, Philippines.

Director – Producer of feature film  “Changing Direction”. Spain – Philippines.

Director – Producer of theatre play  “El Mal de Sirenita”. Spain.

Producer of “Saint John’s night”, children’s theater. Spain.

Casting Director Dojo TV. Spain.

Coordination of the Madrid show in “Universal Expo Shanghai”. China.

Director – Producer of Disney in concert. Spain.

Director – Producer of Broadway in concert. Spain.

Producer Light music festival & other concerts. Spain.

Director’s Assistant, theater “El Caldero de Oro”. Spain.

Video producer  for Musicals on line &

Casting Assistant for Pape Pérez. Spain.

Casting Director for Opera & Zarzuela. Spain.

Video editing: news, tv promotions, cooking programs, short films, etc.

Stage manager “Agua, Azucarillos y Aguardiente”, zarzuela. Spain.

Prodution Assistant, musical theater “El cacahuete musical”. Spain.

Coordination of the extras in feature film “Sin Fin”. Spain.

Director , Producer, Writer of the short films: “El sexo enemigo” & “Marriage War”.

Coordination of the extras in feature film “Isi Disi”. Spain.

Theatre teacher “Candil Theatre School”. Spain.

Casting Assistant in feature film “Juana la loca”. Spain.

Executive Producer for musical theatre play “A Chorus Line”. Spain.

Executive Producer. Raza Hip-Hop 99  concert. 6000 people. Spain.

Booker MAXCOM models agency. Spain


Script collaboration in feature film Heneral Luna. Philippines.

Script collaboration in feature film Pedro Calungsod. Philippines.

Script for theatre play “El Mal de Sirenita”. Spain.

Script for the comic “Las Aventuras de Topo y Androide”. Spain.

Articles & interviews for:,, Diario Siglo XXI.

Feature film script Changing Direction.

Script of the short films: “El sexo enemigo” & “Marriage War”.

Articles for A.T.A.I.R. magazine. Spain.

Movie articles for C.A.S. magazine. Spain


Official International Film  Festival “El Lugar sin Límites” selection for feature film “Changing Direction”. Ecuador.

Official International Film Festival del Sol selection for feature film “Changing Direction”. Spain.

Marriage War short film with several international film festival’s official selections.

1st Prize for the Freak Pride Day. Spain.

1st Prize for Ideas against piracy. SGAE. Spain.

Best Advertisement Creativity Design for CEU. Spain.



Directing & producing independent films, SGAE. Spain.

Video Editing, San Pablo CEU University. Spain.

Producing & directing short films & videos, IORTV. Spain.

Script writing with Sanchis Sinisterra. Spain.

Show production by Angela Feijoo. Spain.

Cinema workshop, by Dana Ortega. Spain.