LTO permit yearly renewal for motorcycles in the Philippines

I will detail here the process I went through recently so it can serve as a guide for others.

Step 1: Smoke emission test.

  • Walk in the closest to your home smoke

emission center with a photocopy of your OR / CR, and ask them to place you in the cue.

  • Wait to be called. They will check the smoke levels and take a picture.
  • Pay aprox. 500php and get your certification that you passed the smoke emission test.
  • This process can take hours.

Step 2: LTO office.

  • Go to whatever LTO is nearest to your house. Bring photocopy of OR / CR and Smoke emission from previous step.
  • Get the mandatory 3rd party insurance. Normally they sell those even inside the same LTO compund.
  • Beware of beggars and sellers pushing you to do the insurance and smoke emission in other places. They could be legit or not. So why take a risk with unofficial sources.
  • With all docs line up for renewal processing. Cost of both insurance and renewal aprox. 1200php.
  • Wait and wait.

Total spending like 2k if you give some tips. Time spent can be like a full day almost that you have to ask away from your job to do the processing.