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Raelian Philippines July-August 2015 progress

July 2015


August 2015

  • FB group starts with 404 members, ends with 424. Increase 20.Go Topless
  • FB page starts with 265 likes,ends with 292. Increase 27.Go Topless
  • In regular meeting (30 attendees) we achieved new stuff:
    • Laugh therapy
    • Dance together
    • New Rael video messages from Okinawa
    • Started collecting monthly fees!Go Topless
  • 3 male cellular transmissions done.
  • Go Topless event Topless

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A Model Can End up being a Star through Acting Lessons

We typically see actors, actresses and designs on ads, billboards, magazine covers and posters as well as in newspapers. Nowadays, we can too see their faces printed on plans of different things that we purchase from groceries. Typically, these people are spent for a certain amount for every hour of doing the shoot.

Marlon Brando held acting classes for Sean Penn dressed as a woman ...

Normally, an actor or starlet does both acting and modeling throughout his or her career. An actor or actress can end up being a design clearly because she or he can work as one and he or she is famous. Place of business make use of the popularity of these individuals to bring in purchasers or customers. Some of the actors and starlets that you see on tv learned the best ways to act as a model by taking acting lessons. A few of them have had such lessons since they were children.

Presenting a face that can easily attract people to purchase a product is the prime goal of professional photographers and fashion homes. Nevertheless, for some models that have growing professions, they use their modeling as a stepping stone to an acting career. But the competitors in the world of acting and modeling is tight. And so if you are among these models, having a terrific face and body is inadequate. You require to take acting lessons. Through acting lessons you will certainly have the ability to discover how to broaden your creativity, speak properly, and portray different characters. You can also be given ideas on the best ways to easily memorize your lines and have full self-confidence while on phase.

You likewise require a modeling representative who can assist you become a star and a design at the exact same time. Any modeling agent will not do, you need an excellent one for a great agent has real capability to promote you. Having a great agent on your side will certainly guarantee that your entry in the world of acting-modeling market will be an extremely successful one. There are methods for you to discover a modeling representative.

The local theatres are great places to begin with. You can ask the stars and actresses at local theatres for modeling agents that they can refer or recommend. You can likewise go to picture studios in the locality and ask individuals there the very same thoughts. The professional photographers may understand some good modeling agents. Many professional photographers are always up to date about fashion and exactly what is taking place in the modeling world and so they may have some great modeling agents to refer or recommend. You can likewise get yourself a modeling agent through the assistance of a signatory representative. Signatory representatives are certified and they are very expert with their jobs and strategy.

While looking for a good modeling agent, you can enlist for acting lessons. Do not simply stick to just one modeling representative; try to find lots of. Compare them and research about their backgrounds and qualities. Select the one with good character and who really has the capability of bringing you on the planet of acting and modeling. An excellent representative likewise knows where complimentary acting auditions are done.

Singing Voice Lessons – where success begins

1. Heat up. It is very important to stretch your muscles before any arduous work-out or exercise. If not, your body will certainly get surprised by the abrupt motions and will certainly result to strain. Overtime, this can possibly cause irreversible damage to your muscles. Similar to your body muscles, your vocal chords also have to stretch, to warm-up. Prior to practicing, it is extremely advised for you to run through scales. It will certainly help your vocal flexibility, not to point out keeping your vocal chords strong.

Pittsburgh singing lessons, voice lessons, music lessons and more

2. Consuming lots of fluids. As discussed formerly, vocal singing resembles a body work-out. Do not run the risk of being dehydrated! It will trigger a pressure to your vocal muscles. Keeping hydrated through singing voice lessons is a must. And not simply any kind of fluids, mind you. Stay clear from soft drinks and liquor. They are not just bad for your health, however also for your voice. Also, prevent milk and other derivatives. They are mucus-forming, blocking your nasal and voice passages. It is best to consume lukewarm water all throughout practice. Even better, drink a cup of hot tea with pressed lemon or lime. While it clears all the aforementioned passages, it relaxes you and your muscles.

3. Care for your physical self. It is necessary to be healthy, for you to be physically and mentally suitable for the anxieties of a singing career. Singing voice lessons are held every day. If you neglect your health, your vocal chords will suffer. Eat food that is loaded with minerals and vitamins. Avoid too much sugar since it can result in scratching your vocal chords. Smoking cigarettes does the exact same to your voice. Ultimately, smoking cigarettes will certainly provide your voice a scratchy tone. Understand your posture. With appropriate posture, you will have the ability to do your breathing workouts. Get enough sleep. Singing can likewise take a toll on your psychological health. Avoid tiredness by resting your head and voice. Do not pressure yourself too much. Pacing is often ignored due to passion. However, faster ways are just such-short-lived attempts of reaching an objective.

4. Think about singing as a significant matter. Singing is not done on an impulse. You do not awaken one day and say, I will certainly be vocal singing expertly. It takes some time, dedication, commitment and effort. Singing voice lessons may not be the “be all, end all” of your music profession but it is the structure block. Without which, you will certainly fail.

Many singers nowadays merely do not care. They rely heavily on computers and synthesizers to make them sound remotely great. Singing voice lessons are your ticket to success. Try not to be a run-off-the-mill, packaged oaf but a fairytale princess!


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Analyzing Shakespeare For The Rest Of Us

Put any doubts aside for a few minutes and keep reading. Everything you have to know to effectively check out any of Shakespeare’s traditional writings is talked about. Making use of the simple actions given, you’ll have the ability to check out and even understand Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets and other texts in a snap and with no anxiety. You’ll even begin to appreciate the language and begin to understand why Shakespeare is widely considered maybe the finest writer ever.

Shakespeare's Sonnet 71: Theme & Analysis |

To begin with, remember that even though the language utilized by “The Bard” may sound different and sometimes tough to comprehend, it is still English. The more you read and begin to “feel” the language, the more it will certainly start to make good sense. You’ll rapidly select up the vernacular, however more significantly, you’ll develop an ear for the cadence. It resembles conversing with someone with a heavy accent. Once you get used to it, it gets much easier.

Certainly if you’ve been appointed a specific text to read, you’ll deal with that text. If you’re looking for a Shakespeare work to check out to get your feet wet, you might consider the sonnets as they are shorter than the plays. If you wish to read a play, begin with something like Romeo & & Juliet. Since lots of people are currently acquainted with the story, this is normally an excellent very first Shakespeare play to read. The drama is beautiful, intense and terrible and there is even dosages of humor sprinkled in.

As soon as you have actually started, the hardest part is behind you. Much like checking out any unique or non-fiction work by a modern author, it might take a bit for the essence of the writing to sink in. Simply keep reading, don’t feel like you need to comprehend everything immediately. As you keep reading, it will certainly start to make more sense.

After you have actually read a few sonnets or the very first act or more of a play, pause. Return to it in a day or 2. Attempt re-reading what you have actually already read. You’ll currently be rather knowledgeable about the language and reading further won’t seem as challenging.

Lastly, you may attempt writing a brief summary of what you’ve checked out. Find a summary of the text online, at the library or at a book shop. Compare your summary with the synopsis. You’ll be surprised how well you truly do comprehend.

As you will certainly soon see, there is actually absolutely nothing about reading Shakespeare that’s bewildering or actually all that difficult when you comprehend exactly what to do. After a little practice, you’ll be checking out and understanding like a natural. Prose like “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite might upset, therefore die,” will certainly be as understandable as “I coulda’ been a competitor!”.

Voice Singing Lessons – The Foundation of Great Singers

The music market has been a cornerstone of magnificence. We idolize singers and musicians for their talent and for what they represent. Songs are written to reflect the times, to reflect human nature. Vocalists are reflections of exactly what we desire the most- being taken seriously for what we have to provide. If music is your enthusiasm, then it is your heart’s duty to pursue it. You have got rhythm. You have actually got design. Can you request anything more? The response is a definite yes! Terrific vocalists are born. Possibly real but believe of it as an ability. Voice vocal singing lessons are the foundation of great vocalists. Without it, your singing is only passable, pleasant however forgettable.

Welcome To My Blog: 3 ways to be a Singer

Voice vocal singing lessons seem unimportant when you have the ability to reach high notes without much effort. Nevertheless, there are repercussions to belting each time you sing. You can possibly harm your vocal chords, putting a halt to your future career. As pointed out earlier, vocal singing is an ability. Abilities are to be established, targeted and improved. Have you observed how early recognized singers begun? Michael Jackson, for instance, began his profession at the age of five. He and his brothers would practice and tape-record their songs after school. For this kind of profession needs commitment of the highest level. One method of revealing your commitment is by signing up for voice singing lessons. Like other talent, it is worthless if left alone, under-utilized. The saddest thing worldwide is unfulfilled potential. Desire to break mediocrity. Pointed out listed below are instances of the benefits of voice vocal singing lessons.

Enhancing your vocal chords. Singing resembles working out. Warm-ups are extremely a good idea because it keeps your vocal chords flexibility. This consists of running through scales. It expands your variety and supports your voice. Comparable to the function of work-out warm-ups, stretching the vocal chords prior to practice will avoid unnecessary stress and overpressure.

Learning ways to breathe appropriately. Desire to hold a note for a considerable quantity of time without fluctuating? Regulate your breaths. The sound should come from your diaphragm, not your throat. Utilize your diaphragm and abdominal muscles to manage the airflow. This is necessary because it permits a better tone when vocal singing.

Looking after yourself. Like in other sport, vocal singing uses your physical possessions. Therefore, it is a should to invest on your health since your voice is bounded by it. Drink a lot of fluids, preferably water. Using your voice muscles should be compensated with liquids. Getting dehydrated can cause irreversible damage to your voice. Not just with your singing, however with speaking as well. You are using your vocal chords more than the typical person so you are more probable to lose it. Prevent carbonated beverages or any cold drink due to the fact that it can scrape your vocal chords. Choose hot tea with lemon rather. It is calming and it clears the nasal and vocal passageways. Another irritant to be prevented is cigarettes. It restricts the muscles, obstructing respiratory tracts, thus making it harder to produce full, round sounds. Vocal singing can be stressful. So, eating healthy food can help you handle the tiredness.

Knowing your restrictions. In some cases, we often push ourselves to go outside our convenience zone. Not with singing. Do not deal with the discomfort. Attempting to surpass your voice’s capacity is admirable but stop prior to permanent damage is done. Rest and work slowly to reach that goal.

The circumstances stated seem obvious but they are typically relegated. With everything on the planet being handed to you in a flash, making the effort to sharpen your skill seems unrealistic. On the other hand, undergoing voice singing lessons is as essential as breathing to severe singers. Take it seriously. Do it like a pro.

Ways to Prepare for Performing Auditions

Are you trying to find suggestions that can help you on your acting auditions? Well, you are at the ideal location for the easy concepts composed below can truly assist you have effective professions in acting.

How to Prepare for Acting Auditions! - YouTube

Acting auditions can be about divided into three parts. The very first part is the prep work, the 2nd is the performance and the tail end is the outcome. This article is concentrated on the preparation side. Ideally after reading them, you will certainly be more unwinded before going through any audition.

Your preparation for every single audition or interview you will be going through is extremely necessary to your success. So, what are the important things that you have to do so as to prepare yourself? Investigating about things such as the character you are going to star as, the judges for the audition, the director, the business, and the story authors also will really assist. Learning about the character to be played prior to going through an audition is among the fundamentals. But if you know more about the character, you will be able to show more to the judges. Getting info about the judges will certainly provide you an idea about what their likes and dislikes on an actor or starlet are and so you will certainly know in advance which things to do and which ones to avoid throughout your audition. If you understand about the director, you will have an idea how to impress them which can enhance your possibility of being picked. When the business notices that you find out about them they will certainly see that you are dedicated for the job and this can as well increase your opportunity of having a result in favor of you. Another thing during prep work is that you need to see to it that you have actually memorized and know all your lines. One great idea is practicing them in front of numerous various people.

With this, you can get various opinions of how you perform. If performing in front of lots of various individuals is not possible, there are other ways for you to be able to examine your acting such as taping yourself using a camera. You can evaluate your own performing or show your video to others to be able to hear more remarks. Do not be prevented by negative opinions. Use unfavorable viewpoints as stepping stones instead. Finally, you must understand in advance where precisely the acting auditions will certainly be held. With this, you will have a concept how long will it take to get there. Arriving at the place early will not just permit you to relax and have time to warm up however it is as well a fantastic possibility of revealing your professionalism. Professionalism is one secret to have successful careers in acting.

Philippine Raelians – June 2015 progress

  • Regular meeting held 7 June at UP Diliman with 30 attendants, around 8 new comers.
  • Uploaded photos of the movement to the World Motion Team server.
  • New National Guide of the Philippines: Kuya Manzano.
  • Shared wisdom and joy from the Asian seminar in Taiwan to the Realians in the meeting.
  • Created FB page for the movement in the Philippines as Rael said the internet diffusion is now one of our priorities, it already has more than 200 likes.
  • Familiarizing myself with internal tools.
  • Translation of the 3rd book ongoing. First person to deliver was Joseph Bunor.
  • Sensual Meditation book placed for public reading at iChill Theater Café
  • One minute meditation for peace in one of the most populated public parks in Manila, Luneta Park. Here the event page
  • One Minute meditation for peace
    One Minute meditation for peace

    One Minute meditation for peace
    One Minute meditation for peace
  • Flooded the Yahoo answers web with links to the new FB page whenever there was a mention to Raelians in a post.
  • Flooded blogs in with comments on pages talking about Raelians to present the new Philippine page.
  • Google search “Raelian Philippines” now has enough material to cover the complete first page of results.
  • Youtube actions commenting and posting link to the new Philippine Raelian page on the most recent videos speaking of the Raelian Movement.
  • Configured and using the official email from to send and reply messages.
  • Aramis International joined the Gay Pride march in Manila
  • Aramis International at Manila Gay Pride 2015
    Aramis International at Manila Gay Pride 2015

    Raelians support Gay pride
    Joseph Bunor, Saul Goodman and Kuya Manzano support LGBTBus at the gay pride Manila 2015

Leading Singing Exercises Online

If you desire to sing well, you need vocal singing workouts so as to will boost your breathing and reach the quality of noise you yield much better. A lot of relations make not know so as to the breathing strategy requires training to enhance the ability of the breathing muscles. These muscles control your ability to breathe in or breathe out. When you take in, they induce the stomach and the insides methods to accommodate the air.


Most notably, you require workouts so as to will certainly help you to relax rather of real make it through of the vocal cords. You can make this a little minutes facing each session and your body will certainly adapt to these with stage. The muscles need to be under your control and this capital relaxing all muscles of the body so regarding may potentially tense your vocal cords. For need, clench the fist, wait rather of a comprehensive and followed by unwind. You will feel your body unwind and this will certainly vocation on all muscles so as to associate with the pass, the stem and the chest. Next, make the exact same instead of the feet and the lips while seated easily, and you will certainly be in charge of all muscles in the body. Such relaxing moves will press gently the run of air into your body and the stressful conditions will while away by a long method.

Modish addition, you need to relate to vocal singing exercises so regarding will improve the breathing. Do not portray your stomach in or it will compress the aptitude of your diaphragm to work typically. Put your hands to the bank and take in a long breath. Hold it rather of five minutes as you count in your head and followed by breathe revealed in protracted stroke. Next, as a substitute of breathing in, sing single shade and wait it rather of as long as you can. This will vocation on your vocal cords and trigger them facing you start your trial. Preserve a comfy posture to improve your training workout.

When you feel you are getting the vocal cables heated up, you can sing the sol-fa ladder so so as to you can cause the accurate varieties rather of all description. Bear in mind to keep your reply launch as you have to breathe efficiently and bring revealed the accurate explanation. It is suggested to sing in the shower as the vocal cables have to be ugly commonly or the dryness will certainly mutilation them. When you practice these exercises in the shower, the tacky air warms your vocal cords and makes the sound development revealed soft to the ear.

Performing and Animation

In better cases, an extremely fascinating voice-talent conserves the day (Robin Williams as the genie in Aladdin); however typically the script alone is accountable for offering the characters with some sort of personality.

Genie From Broadway's Aladdin Honors the Great Robin Williams ...

In the different web forums one can discover threads concerning software application, design, structures – some even discuss activity – however it’s unusual to read something about acting. I haven’t yet seen a comment saying something like “the animation is good, however the character has no personality”. It appears that the level of expectations is so low, that it’s sufficient for an animator not to make technical errors. Would you consider praising an author merely since he made no spelling mistakes?

In the following post I have put on paper my ideas thinking about acting in animation, which put on any form of character animation – including 3D. The short article is not meant to provide a “good performing in animation” formula – merely since such a formula does not exist. Every animator has his personal attitude, every movie has needs of its own, and undoubtedly there are other ways of getting good performing. The objective is to suggest a “toolbox” for the actor/animator, and perhaps raise – even a little – the animators’ awareness of acting in 3D animation.

What is excellent acting?
When I ask my students exactly what they believe good acting is, the first answer is usually “credible performing”. But integrity is just one side of the story. Great performing is credible and interesting. In my viewpoint, these two attributes wholly define great acting. With this idea as an axiom, we will certainly aim to individually assess what makes acting credible, and exactly what makes it interesting.I.

Believable acting
In the life of an animator there are short and rare moments of true magic. Those moments are the reason I ended up being an animator, and they are the factor I still am one. I’m discussing a minute in which you take a look at the animation you’ve just produced, and all of a sudden you think your own character. Unexpectedly it’s alive, it exists in its own right. Those are the minutes of believable performing.

Believable acting holds a world power over the viewers, due to the fact that the character they’re viewing gets a sort of meaning. Every male has implying to us – even if we don’t always think about it: If a total stranger sitting alongside you on the bus all of a sudden collapses, you will certainly not be indifferent – due to the fact that the very fact that he is a flash and blood human earns him that meaning. This is why we feel sorry when Bambi’s mom passes away: our company believe her and our team believe Bambi, and both of them indicate something to us. On the other hand, the characters in South Park are anything however credible, which is why there’s no problem killing Kenny in each chapter.

(This may be the best place to reemphasize that the animator is obviously not entirely responsible for contributing indicating to the characters – script has a vital part in it too. This article, nevertheless, is dealing with animation).
Credible acting ways that the audience feels that the character’s actions are the outcome of its own inner intentions, and not the animator’s inner motives; that the character feels, thinks and reacts regularly according to its personality and state of mind. I emphasized the last sentence given that it encapsulates many of the components of persuading acting:

The aim here is not just to represent clear and specified feelings (happy, unfortunate, etc.) however to look for a sort of inner feeling that we have in all of us the time – possibly it can be called “awareness”. Attempt to “feel” your character when you produce 3D animation, not just move it around according to the principles of animation.Think.

Your character should not always act on immediate instincts. Look for chances to reveal believing procedure, which leads to choice and action. It will enrich your animation with depth, intricacy and believability.React. Acting is actually more or less a series of responses-the character reacts to its

environment, to other characters, to stimulus. Every action must have a reason. Ensure you understand what your character is reacting to, which the response is sensible(in other words: it’s affordable that this particular character will certainly react in this specific method ). Consistency. Keep a consistent mindset to your character’s reactions. A shy character (small, shy movements)that suddenly acts in an extroverted method without any clear factor, will suffer great damage to its trustworthiness. Personality. The character’s personality dictates its responses -i.e., its acting. Again, we are not necessarily discussing a definite character such as”arrogant”,”grumpy”, and so on.
Attempt to learn more about your character the method you understand a member of the family or someone you work with. What makes him tick? Exactly what is he scared of? What are his problems?Mood. State of mind resembles personality-it, too, dictates the character’s reactions-but unlike personality, its effect is short-term. For example: a man who’s hurrying to work acts and responds in a really various method than the sameguy as he calmly strolls his canine at night. * * * Reading the above notions, one may believe-“hey, all those things come from the script and storyboard! Responses, character, state of mind – I cannot manage that! I’m just the animator right here, my job is simply to move the character around and ensure there’s a great deal of expectancy


My response is in the following example: The storyboard reveals a character entering the frame, and looking madly at another character. You’re designated to the scene, and the questions that should develop are: does the character get in slowly? Quickly? Determinedly? Reluctantly? Does he stop suddenly or slowly? Did he know the other character would be there, or does he spot it in the scene? Is he furious, or merely disappointed? What sort of anger is it-powerless(like a youngster’s anger in the direction of his parents ), or remarkable(like a parent’s towards his youngster)? And so on and so forth.The actor/animator’s job is to thoroughly check out the script, study the storyboard, and aim to”enter”the character. In other words: to discover the character’s inner sensation and to”use” it for a while as if it was his own -so that he can learn more about and understand the character. A good star does not create his acting- he discovers it.

And still the animator deals with the hard difficulty of putting the experience into his animation, keeping the principles of motion. It isn’t really simple, but the reward-that wonderful moment of believable animation – deserves the effort.

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines

How to launch a singer career step by step in the Philippines? Sometimes when you thought you already know what to do, you would still put up a checklist that would guide you. Was it really that hard to launch a singer career? It often lies on the kind of passion you pour into it.

So you discovered that you can carry a tune. You are not tone deaf. And everyone around you is impressed at how your voice matched the music. And no matter how loud the karaoke machine is, you’re still in tune. How to launch a singer career step by step in the Philippines then?

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musical Online’s YouTube channel

– Join a band for a singer career step by step in the Philippines

It sounded like a cliche on getting a singer career step by step in the Philippines. But I should know since I have been in a band myself. In case you didn’t know, years ago I was the lead vocalist for a Spanish rock band. It’s called Memento Mori. And we performed cover versions of mainstream hits like Metallica’s For Whom The Bell Tolls and Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law.

It got me into gigs I don’t usually get into. It also served as an opportunity to prove my versatility as an artist. My orientation may have been bel canto opera. But I enjoy other genres too. It inspired me strongly enough to front a band heavily influenced by rock music. I got to entertain fellow rock fans. And I get to do what I love most – singing.

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from my YouTube channel

– Join a singing contest for singer career step by step in the Philippines

There are several singers and entertainers now that join contests not only to win. The exposure alone got them gigs that secured a singer career step by step in the Philippines. The main difference though with joining a band is that you get to strike out on your own. It also serves as an opening to be discovered. Singing in a different genre that more people can identify and relate to (like Top 40 Hits) gets the public’s attention.

But don’t do it for the sake of “relevance”. If you have been watching enough episodes of some singing contests like American Idol and The Voice, you know that some auditionees failed due to wrong song choice. Shift that situation to launching a singer career step by step in the Philippines and not everyone gets a second chance like in the Idol franchise. So sticking to your strengths would still be highly recommended. You wanted to prove that you can sing well? Sing songs from a genre that you are really good at.

I managed to get into a singing contest at Fisher Mall and get good reviews. I sang 2 songs that are available for you to enjoy. One is “The Impossible Dream”. The other is “This is the Moment”. Both songs are part of my standard playlist because I can sing both of them well. That is one of the crucial tips that you need to remember. You want to be remembered for a particular genre or repertoire, right?

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Image from my Facebook Fan Page

– Recordings for a singer career step by step in the Philippines

Be it a cover of a song or an original composition, having a clip to show around still works. I have an original composition, Wellfire’s “Hold Me”, on my Soundcloud account. Think of it as building your portfolio to have a singer career step by step in the Philippines. How can you explain best the proliferation of YouTube channels and stand alone websites of professional singers? Gigs and exposure work. But for future talent scouts, they would need documented proof of your talent too.

This brings me to other performances that I got cast into. Being a theater actor, I got cast in productions that showcased 2 of my talents. Add the bel canto training that I received early in my budding career. And you realize why I got cast into perhaps the longest running Filipino opera ever – Noli Me Tangere. Good thing some excerpts were uploaded on YouTube for everyone to see. It’s one of the strongest vocal performances so far in my career. And it served as the best reference for talent scouts everywhere that needed to see proof of my talent.

Singer Career Step by Step in the Philippines
Screenshot from Musicals Online’s YouTube channel

Finding success in a singer career step by step in the Philippines meant getting to earn from doing what you love. Don’t be easily discouraged when you don’t win contests. Capitalize on the exposure. Take advantage of the opportunity to record your own performances. It often serves 2 purposes. One is to observe where you need to improve. Two is to upload it online to market yourself for events that need performers.

Hopefully this article was of help to you. Chances are there are more tips to come. To get updated real-time with the latest articles, please like my official Facebook page, Kuya Manzano Fan Club. Follow me on Twitter @kuyamanzano too. Gracias!