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Dark Saturday instead of Black Saturday


I’ve always loved the gothic style specially for the make up and the clothing even thou I don’t carry it on in my everyday life. 

Admirer of films like “Rocky Horror Picture Story” or “The Crow” I wanted to make a tribute and at the time scandalize a little, which I love to do. 

Also we wanted to play with the androgyny idea. ‘Coz I believe in 2012 we should be able to forget the sex of the person in front and just treat them as human beings: man, woman or third sex. Specially in The Philippines, a country with such a large population of the androgenic third sex. 

We were hanging out in a party sitting in the grass of Fort Bonifacio (Manila) when I met this good looking guy with a great taste for clothing and of course he had to be a clothes designer: Renan Pacson. 

So I got interested in his works and he had all the pictures of his designs just there, so I loved it and proposed to photo shoot with it. 

Then my actor friends Andrea Fe Padilla and JV Ibesate knew we were going to do the photo shoot and asked if they could jump in. Idea I loved too. A couple of friends modeling with me would push me to produce faster. 

Then I needed one of the most important elements, the photographer. And thank you so much Ria Yu for joining and suggesting the candle lighting, painting walls, providing props and finally editing and creating the comic idea, something that really made it come alive. 

Make up by Monika Concepcion was an unexpected and last moment gift, thank you Andrea for bringing her. A great job and totally essential. It gave us the power to build the characters and great looks of course. 

And let’s not forget the production assistant Mashee Yu who had to go back and forth many times for all those little details and finally even treated us for a yummy pizza to celebrate the end of the shooting. 

Maybe this gives you an idea of an alternative Holly Week vacation next year? 

Thank you. 

Kuya Manzano 
Original idea, director, producer & model. 
Philippines 2012.

What do I like?

I like eating.

I like men, women and transsexuals and tried them all.

I like chocolate so badly I eat even when I need to lose weight or already ate that day.

I like waking up without an alarm clock.

I like playing videogames and computers.

I like loving many people.

I like being loved.

I like drugs that make my pulse go higher. Don’t do them much anymore thou.

I like people who let others take their own decisions.

I like people who fight for their ideas.

I like people who are brave enough to go against what most people do.

I like self help books.

I like positive thinking.

I like always being happy.

I like martial arts.

I like working as an actor and singer.

I like living in The Philippines.

I like my fishes and turtle.

I like massages like crazy!

I like Freddy Krueger.

I like Broadway type musicals.

I like vocal music and a cappella and reggae and rock.

I like the house cleaned by a maid.

I like the sound of my new speakers.

I like myself.

Freedom of speech for Carlos Celdran

Last week Carlos Celdran was forced to stop his performance of Livin’ la vida Imelda in Dubai in the middle of the run. The police started asking him what did he mean when he was talking about the Ghadafi – Imelda Marcos interview.

What’s wrong with this Arab people?

We’re in 2012. It’s time to open our minds and let people comment whatever they want to. It’s called freedom of speech sirs.

Some countries still don’t have it like China or Arab countries. In China they don’t even have Facebook.

Well. Is it better or worse. I never know. China doesn’t have much freedom, but is very secure to walk around…

The Philippines has kindda more freedom, but no security in the streets…

Let’s think of it in a small environment. Let’s think it a house or a family instead of a country.

Imagine someone enters your house and they say your mother is a whore. What would your reaction be? Would you punch that person? Would you throw him out of your place? Would you laugh at it?

Actually you can chose from a big sort of reactions, but what would I do?…

Mmmmm. I would expulse that person out of my house. I would force him to leave for being unrespectful.

Wow, I would kind of react the same as those authoritative countries, mmmm, interesting.

So maybe i cannot blame them even if I want freedom of speech… interesting.

My conclusion is: If you go to your neighbor’s place, respect his rules.

Of course, as this blog says in it’s header. I can always change my opinions anytime. TY 🙂

The poor will eat the priests. Don’t feed beggars.

As a friend of mine just said. They wont approve the RH bill until the poor people don’t start eating priests.

We are far too many people living in Manila these days. Our population has burst up in such a speed we cannot contain it anymore.

Streets full of rubbish and squatters. Hold ups, taxi scams, robbery and rape all over.

I bought my own car and spend so much in my transportation everyday because I cannot commute. It’s too dangerous, specially if you are white. Most people think I’m so rich because I’m white.

Well thanks to that I have to spend a lot in transport I really have to check on what jobs to accept because if it’s too far and not well payed I simply don’t get it coz I’ll lose money in due to transportation.

I have friends who have kids been still teenagers and they can’t take care of them. They can’t even marry if they even wanted to, because they cannot afford living out of their parent’s place. How can they raise a child.

Kids begging everyday in the traffic. Don’t those kids go to school? No they don’t. They prefer to beg to get some money. Maybe their parents force them to beg. Later their parents will force them to work and be prostitutes too in the future, or even now.

Every time you give money to a kid in the streets you are collaborating and promoting that kind of life. If you give them money they wont go to school anymore because it’s great to earn money by begging in the streets. They will never learn anything but to beg. You are promoting beggars. And then you’ll protest because you don’t want to see that.

Gunfire and granade robbery in Robinson Galleria in Ortigas, Manila, Philippines.

This morning they were shooting in Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas, by ADB Avenue. They were trying to commit a robbery.

4 people in yellow green uniforms started shooting at the guards and back. And even a grenade exploded inside. All this was inside the mall, by the food court, where more people are.

I go to that mall! My cute cousin and friends eat there everyday! That’s beside the Repertory Philippines’ office!

How can we feel secure in this city with thing like this happen?

The security in every mall look inside our bags, touch us and even scan us with their machines. But they didn’t find about four people who entered fully armed with guns and grenades. OMG.

I’m sure in the next few days it’s gonna be extra safe to enter any mall because security will be doubled, but after a while it will be normal again.

I’m sure Robinson’s will lose a lot of clients because of this. I’m sure even other malls will see it drop a little in the next days, but will go up soon again.

It’s more fun in The Philippines, I agree. But the campaign of the government should be towards the security first. Coz I spoke with many foreigners about tourism here and the main thing preventing them is the security in the streets.

I told them it’s ok inside the malls…