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Meet The Family – Justin Quirino

I have another cousin, Justin Quirino, and just like the other cousin I wrote about, Andi Manzano-Reyes, he is also an events host and radio DJ. While Andi is usually heard on Magic 89.9, Justin’s turf is on Play 99.5 (formerly 99.5 RT) where he hosts a program entitled “Mid Morning High” with fellow DJ Inka

Unlike Andi though, Justin Quirino tried it out to be a VJ on the Philippine music channel, Myx. Since they have this annual VJ search, he then tried his luck knowing that opportunities like these don’t often come by. His audition piece uploaded on Myx’s YouTube channel turned out to be a nice trove of information about him. And it also gave me an idea about his major influences as a music lover.

Justin Quirino
Screenshot from MYX’s YouTube account

Why would Justin Quirino want to be the next Myx VJ?

Well it has always been a dream job even as that sounds cliche. But then I always wanted to travel all around the Philippines kahit all around Metro Manila, okay na rin yun. To different malls and stuff, to interview different people, meet interesting people. Have a good conversation. Maybe get some freebies. That’s also cool di ba? So I’d like to have a lot of fun being a VJ.

Who is Justin Quirino’s favorite among Myx’s roster of VJ’s? Truth be told, no surprise there.

Siguro the one I look up to the most is VJ Luis. Because he’s a veteran and I really admire how he’s so comfortable with how he hosts the show. And now everybody is, parang, may affinity siya with everybody eh. Like no matter what he does, everybody is just connected to him. So that’s something that I definitely want to, that’s an attribute that I really want to acquire as well.

Justin Quirino
Screenshot from MYX’s YouTube account

Now while everyone knew Justin Quirino as an aspiring VJ here, he was once part of Ballet Philippines’ production of Peter Pan. And he gets to share this little known fact about him on the Myx try-out itself.

I was a tap-dancing crocodile for the Ballet Philippines’ production of Peter Pan. It was super fun because I had a mask in it. And when you are behind the mask, you can do anything and people don’t know what I look like or anything. So they don’t expect anything. It’s like I’m not making a fool out of myself. So as long as I give them a good show, at the end of everything, I take it off and when I bow parang wow [claps hands]. So it was fun.

Interesting that Justin Quirino once got into ballet prior to following a career that is close to his other passion – listening to music. What kind of music is he into? He managed to be articulate about it while being spontaneous at the same time. He has an adorable way of explaining it that it comes out naturally.

I’m a big, para ngang I’m stuck in the past eh, like I still love Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, Fall Out Boy. John Mayer like I love his first album talaga or actually no, it was the second album. Basta ‘Room For Squares’ – I love ‘Room For Squares’ and then his album after that ‘Any Given Thursday’, the live album. I love a lot of different kinds of music. But for some reason, as long as it’s really popular, I can get into it. So that’s why I like pop music.

Justin Quirino
Screenshot from Candy Magazine’s YouTube account

Apparently, I’m not the only person that finds him adorable. Justin Quirino appeals a lot to the teen crowd. Just ask Candy Magazine since they like having him as their host for the Candy Fair. By the time he’s doing it, he’s already a relatively well-known DJ. So asking him for advice on how to make it seem so easy and fun being a DJ, he told Candy Magazine:

The best advice is, know who you are first, and to practice expressing how you feel, through words of course. And your intonation, up and down and everything. Keep it interesting. Next, choose a station that you would like to go to like 99.5. Play FM, for example, listen to the kind of music that hey play and try to copy the DJs, but put your own flavor into it, alright?

Even When In Manila liked Justin Quirino. When they compiled a list of the 15 Sexiest Male DJ’s, Justin Quirino ranked at #4. This IG post summed up best how thankful he is for the compliment complete with the comment “Sexy daw ako!”

Justin Quirino
Image from his IG @justinquirino

And in case you want to see more of him online, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to tune in to the “Mid Morning High” as well on Play FM 99.5, 9am to 12nn to hear more of his good-natured humor. Chances are I get to attend an event that he gets to host. When would that be? You’ll never know unless you are constantly updated through my social media accounts. Follow me on Twitter @kuyamanzano and like me on my Facebook page, Kuya Manzano Fan Club. I would appreciate it a lot once you do. Gracias.