Income diary October 71a.H. (2016)

Everyday I must do some actions to earn money, so here I shall track and be accountable to you for what I did each day…


  1. iChill Theater Cafe office tasks.  Uber payrol. Repair computer to work with it for more income. Registered 2 new phone loading retailers. Added a theater projects meeting at the end of the night.
  2. Conducted an acting workshop for kids in Marikina. Had brainstorming and briefing for new theater projects at iChill Theater Cafe. Collected money from Uber from driver last week.
  3. Drove Uber all night. Did payrol of iChill Theater Cafe. Worked on social media.
  4. Had a profitable day with both Uber and iChill Theater Cafe. Got a new offer and did some errands for real estate biz in Spain over the internet.