Real Talented Little lady Singing by Beyonce

What’s the success about this performer? To start it’s her size and her age of course, but above that I think it’s about the amount of passion that she puts in her performance. What do you think?


Second tune is better:-RRB-, Real Talented Little lady Singing by Beyonce.
Video Rating: 4/ 5

30 thoughts on “Real Talented Little lady Singing by Beyonce”

  1. I love that i can understand both russian and english so i understand
    everything that was said in the video. Ah. Perks of being a native russian
    living in america. Lol´╗┐

  2. While watching the little girl sing, and then to see the judge looking at
    her like that from his chair, and THEN taking it a step further by standing
    next to her, bend over, and stare into her face that way was quite
    disconcerting and made my gut twist. I had to assume the little girl is
    well aware of this particular judge to act this way because she really held
    her own, that’s for sure! She even giggles. I commend the young girl for
    not missing a beat and standing her ground while this giant bald judge with
    dark circles around his eyes, hovers over her like a monstrous shadow. It
    made me feel uncomfortable as I’ve never seen it done before. I believe he
    is a good guy and was testing her durability to hack his crazy shit, but
    still. I think it’s unnecessary. It’s bullshit and doesn’t need to be done.
    Especially to little girls. End of my rant lol.´╗┐

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