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2nd viral video: Chevrolet commercial

We shot this a few years ago and I just checked it has 2 million views, boom!


It’s the fans that make this game so great. Are you “buzzing” for the rematch against Swansea?

Posted by Chevrolet FC on Thursday, February 19, 2015


Manchester United and Chevrolet!

Arrian Labios cut my hair, actor and friend!

Things that make me happy

Massage makes me happy.

Playing boxing in the Xbox makes me happy.

Seeing my social networks growing makes me happy.

Reggae music makes me happy.

Sex makes me happy.

Food makes me happy.

The gym makes me happy.

A hug makes me happy.

Good work makes me happy.

When they treat me like a star it makes me happy.

To have tons of free time makes me happy.

Broadway musicals make me happy.

Singing makes me happy.

Having workers makes me happy.

True friends make me happy.

Money makes me happy.

Gratitude makes me happy.

To hear you clapping makes me happy.

When I enlighten or inspire someone it makes me happy.

To look sexy makes me happy.

To turn on others makes me happy.

When people appreciate my work that makes me happy.

Superhero movies make me happy.

Martial arts make me happy.

When my teachers believe in me it makes me happy.

When my directors believe in me it makes me happy.