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Thanks to your support I’m achieving more – 2 July 2014

Since I publish these work diaries I achieve a lot more because I’m shy to publish I haven’t achieve much in the day. So you are my motivator, my father on-line or something.

– Tuned up my motorbike, I need good transportation.

– Published menu for iChill http://ichilltheatercafe.com/menu.html

– Programmed an interview for ABS CBN TV about iChill for next week.

– Answering online inquiries for iChill.

– Online bank errands with Spain.

– Social media marketing.

– Started report system for investors of iChill so they have better feedback of what happens every month.

– Preparing documents for Home Delivery of iChill products.

– Writing online articles I’m hired for. 2 down. Only 3 to finish this and get payed!