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Plan to get 1 Million USD

I set a goal to have net worth of 1 Million USD in 10 years time. Join me in the journey!

To make it easier I broke the amounts to achieve per year and make increments of 30% yearly more or less.

The purpose of writing and publishing it here is to visualize it, to be accountable to you, to inspire, to show the progress.

Yearly increments proposed…

  1. 50k by year 2019. DONE by June 2019.
  2. 70k by year 2020. DONE by August 2020.
  3. 100k by year 2021. DONE by April 2021.
  4. 150k by year 2022. Progress 84%
  5. 200k by year 2023.
  6. 250k by year 2024.
  7. 350k by year 2025.
  8. 500k by year 2026.
  9. 700k by year 2027.
  10. 1 Million by year 2028.

Actions towards glory

  • Bought 2 apartments and a commercial space lot since 2002 and rented them out to pay for the mortgage. Loans of 120%, zero down. Results, lots of headaches, and break-even cash flow. The good side is the mortgage is being paid and contributing to the net worth every month.
  • Work as an actor and singer since 1998.
  • Work in many other tasks since 1998: waiter, farm boy, writer, social media manager, webmaster, software programmer, tour guide, language interpreter, language teacher, anything under the sun…
  • Operator for Uber / Grabcar in the Philippines. CLOSED DUE TO LOCKDOWN
  • Created and running a coffee shop in the Philippines called iChill Theater Cafe. Since the pLandemic hit, we transferred into an online shop. BOOMING
  • Investor at Marzfuel gas stations in the Philippines

Progress and plans

  • We are ahead of target. Will create a mix of passive steady income and concrete one time only actions. Optimize also the ones we already have…
  • Reduce debt ahead of time so the income from real estate will give more profit each month and save tons in mortgage interest.
  • Claim pending amounts from different businesses that we are entitled to.
  • Sell feature film Changing Direction online.
  • Distribute films of other creators.
  • Accept new jobs be it performing or office work.
  • iChill online shop is growing very fast thanks to the lockdown.

Hope this helps clarify, see it and pursue it more clearly. Do you have any tips or comments, reach me out through PM in any social media channel, I am omnipresent and check the PMs personally. Thank you for joining me in this adventure!

2015 business proposals

Wanna get rich? Gotta get into business.

Bigger and Better Business | Great Lakes Region

Here is a simple and small list of the businesses I’m looking money for. Hope you are interested in earning together with me. Win  – Win situation, it’s the only way to go forward together I believe. Some have risk, that’s business.


Mobile Phone Loading In Business Man Hand Stock Photo - Image ...

Micro investor: 500php for a phone loading system for the Philippines where you can load all networks from you phone and sell hundreads of other load services like Meralco prepaid or videogames and voting games. Earn around 3% average on each sale. You business is with you whole day at your cellphone.



Saver:  100 euro month deposit and I return you 110 euros after. Guaranteed, zero risk. The Kuya Bank. Personal warranty. No bank in the whole world can give you this!


Are Online Forex Trading Web Sites to be Trusted? · Jason Skepyan ...

Small investment: 500 euros will buy you a lifetime part in my growing website businesses. Return of investment in 1.5 years aprox. I create webs and popularize them and sell ads on them. You get 70% and I get 30% until your money I back. After that you get 40% and I get 60% lifetime of the biz.


Private Car for Hire | +ADw-/title+AD4APAAh-DOCTYPE html PUBLIC + ...

Medium investment: 300,000 php for a private car transportation business (Uber, Grabcar, etc). I buy a second hand car and make it have income. You get 70% and I get 30% until your money I back. After that you get 40% and I get 60% lifetime of the biz. It should give a minimum of 30k total monthly at least.


Glenmore Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning - 10-6624 Centre St SE ...

Medium investment: 300,000 php for a coin laundry business (perhaps including a water station). You get 70% and I get 30% until your money I back. After that you get 40% and I get 60% lifetime of the biz.


Home - Theater Cafe of the Philippines - iChill Theater Cafe

Big investment: 3M and I will open a branch of iChill Theater Café for you and operate it. ROI 2 years. You get 70% and I get 30% until your money I back. After that you get 40% and I get 60% lifetime of the biz.


Why invest with me? Because I have my public image at risk and word. And I will work my ass until you get your money back and then we can happily enjoy benefits together for a long time.

Except for the money deposit all have risks. I invite you in because I believe in them and wanna grow together.

Let me know what you are interested in and lets set a meeting to see things further.Which three global healthcare stocks should you absolutely invest ...

Lets grow financially together?


30 June 2014: Money Making Day for me.

So sometimes the urgent thing becomes the only thing that can occupy my mind. Specially if I’m in a bankrupt situation, right?

So today I invested my time in money making activities. Hope I did this more frequently.

Also I want to make this diary the hour counting system to know how many hours I dedicate to each activity to see if I’m making the most of my time. That’s where the focus needs to be when needed to to a big effort to turn the numbers’ color around as fast a possible.

– 2h doing social media and home minor errands.

Spanish private lesson at 1pm for 2h.

– 4pm checking on an event rental at iChill Theater Cafe.
– Interview to teach Spanish at 5pm, but was postponed…
– 6pm started writing articles for webs online, hired job. 5 done. 6h

I would never imagined that after 3 years in the Philippines I would be payed as a writer in English, I would do theater in English and I would do concerts entirely in English. I must recognize that advancement and prize myself for it accordingly. Congrats Kuya! As I go on the spell checker online indicates less and less spelling errors 🙂

Also during the Broadway concerts I sang 6 solo songs in a concert. That’s my concert record so far. So congrats again Kuya!

Day conclussion: 10h of money making work, yes sir! Proud of myself. Hope I can do this everyday and will solve my economy pretty fast. I hope to keep focused.