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1 July 2014: creating, closing deals, writing job.

I’m naturally chaotic and ADHD so concentrating and focusing and using methods is pretty challenging for me.

Today in my daily chaos I got to

– Solved questions about next very strong promotion at iChill Theater Cafe, the best cafe in Manila.

– Write lyrics for a song in Tagalog! Yes my first ever Tagalog creation!

Writing online articles I’m hired for. 3 down. 5 more and this job will be completed and I get payed 🙂

– Meeting to start home delivery of products of iChill to all of Metro Manila! Big step!

– Groceries pampering myself because I’m working hard 😀

– Set money apart for Savings – Investment – Charity as god Kiyosaki said.

– Social media marketing for iChill and Kuya Manzano

So the conclussion of the day is I got MONEY from WRITING. And I PLANTED SEEDS for money thru the iChill PROMOTIONS and HOME DELIVERY agreement.

A good day. It would be better if the internet in the Philippines worked normally so I would write more articles.