How to make extra money in the Philippines

Ways to make extra pesos starting small. I asked the net how to make some money and this is what I found… This is part of an ongoing series. You can send your ideas also!

How to make 1 PHP?

  • Selling newspapers
  • Selling candies
  • Selling hugs
  • Picking up the coins in the street
  • Begging
  • Posting a video on Youtube if you have enough followers
  • Posting a blog with ads on you web page

How to make 10 PHP?

  • Buy and sell marking up 10php only
  • Tweeting for someone else
  • Selling halo halo
  • Selling ukay ukay
  • Selling load through Gcash app
  • Selling water bottles in the traffic
  • Cleaning windshields
  • Taking care of parked cars in the street

How to make 100php?

  • Wash cars
  • Baby sitting
  • Being an intern for an allowance pay
  • Buy and sell online
  • Drive for Grab or Taxi
  • Do a massage
  • Sell halo halo
  • Offer acquisition of online documents for a fee e.g. birth certificate, passport application etc.

All these are simple ideas to make some cash in the Philippines. We can all survive and move forward if we put enough effort in this third world country.