How to make your first 1000 subscribers in Youtube

I broke the 1000 subscribers mark in Youtube and am happy to give you some tips. I don’t do all many times, do what you can 🙂

  1. Add the watermark to subscribe in the corner of your videos.
  2. Add a subscribe link in the description of your videos.
  3. Make a plan and script for the future videos you will produce.
  4. Content must be entertaining and informative (nobody wants to watch you buying bread).
  5. Publish regularly. Weekly is a good frequency.
  6. Have an interesting title with keywords people are searching for online.
  7. Customize the look of your channel with cover pics, icons, thumbnails.
  8. Create a channel trailer.
  9. Use the annotation feature to get viewers take actions.
  10. Use tools like Tubebuddy to help you with tips and optimization.
  11. Share your channel link in every email and autoresponder you have.
  12. Create an Intro and Outro for each video.
  13. Edit well taking out of the fluff.
  14. Description and metatags are very important so make them useful and SEO effective.
  15. Ask people to subscribe and like if they liked the video.
  16. Do collaborations with other Youtubers!!!
  17. Reply to all comments. Fans wanna feel you there!
  18. Giveaway stuff and make challenges for your audience.
  19. Share in social media!!!
  20. Send each video to your mailing list.
  21. Tell all your friends about it, of course! And ask them to share it to people who will find it useful.
  22. Reply to people searching to solve the solution your video provides (if it solves something, that is).

Let me know how this works for you!

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