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I simply love going to a Broadway musical

If you have never been to Broadway shows before, it is important to find something really accessible to go to for your very first time. With a compelling and simple story line, and a strong theme, played on organ, that will have you riveted to your seat, Phantom of the Opera is one of the best Broadway shows of all time, and that is a fact.

They say that Broadway shows, and all musicals for that matter, are made by people who do not have the talent to actually write a script on their own. A broadway show without songs is not done in Broadway, it’s done in hollywood, and it is not called a musical, its called a movie. If people don’t want their plays to be seen as antiquated and quaint, they should either adapt them for the big screen, or turn them in to Broadway shows.

San Pedro Calungsod the musical coming to Manila

The musical dedicated to the Filipino saint comes to St Scholastica in Manila this August 27

San Pedro Calungsod the musical
Kuya Manzano as Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores

Catch celebrity singer Gerald Santos in an amazing role that shows the vocal quallities that made him a star.

All together with a talented cast and technical team that will give all our hearts to make you travel with us through the journey of the second Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod.

Tickets on sale for 300php for show of August 27 2016 at 6pm.

Reserve through the FB page and tickets will be under your name at the door one hour before the show.

San Pedro Calungsod the musical
Kuya Manzano (the mentor priest) & Gerald Santos (the saint)

Future pictures and updates at https://www.facebook.com/kuyafanclub/ You can communicate in Facebook for details on the tickets.

Watched it? Let us know your feedback please!

Love and Infinity… Kuya Manzano.

Performing as Padre San Vitores in Pedro Calungsod the musical

Diego Luis de San Vitores (1627-1672), misionero en las islas ...

Who is Padre San Vitores?

He was the mentor of San Pedro Calungsod, a martyr, a Spanish priest that died while converting the native Chamorros into Christians.

Now beatified. And I’m playing him in San Pedro Calungsod the musical.

I really think we look alike, do you agree?

So I think I was casted because of the looks, my accent and my performing skills.

Diego Luis de San Vitores - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So excited to play this character together with a very young cast working for Redlife productions. A company specialized in biblical characters.

The lead role is played by Philippine TV and singing star Gerald Santos. So fans of Gerald, stay tuned!

Next performance will be September 13 2015 at Lasalle Dasmariñas Cavite – Philippines.

Call the school and ask if there are tickets left!


Back to Marco Polo the musical in 2015 playing Kublai Khan

After a pause I’m back in the production with a major role, the emperor Kublai Khan 8the son of Genghis Khan).

Hopefully you watched the previous runs of Marco Polo where I played Baron Tegan, the main antagonist to Marco Polo’s quest conquering the heart of Princess Kogajin.

Yeah, I love playing the bad guys 😀

It’s an honor to be back in the production with this role with several solo songs, a lot of weight… it’s a big challenge.

The notes are high and demanding, the acting too coz I’ll be playing a father and an emperor nevertheless.

I’ll work hard to give you the best.

And this is the preview of the latest version of the libretto and instrumentation. It has been bettered from last run at Meralco Theater.

Now we move to the most prestigious theater in the Philippines, to the CCP. All Pinoy performers respect performances at the main theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. So here also goes some pressure on our shoulders.

Here a pic of our last performance where I played bad ass Baron Tegan: Baron Tegan by Kuya Manzano in Marco Polo the Musical.

On stage as my wife will be the great Pinky Marques, what an honor. And legendary theater actor Chingoy Alonso as the Narrator. Princess Kogajin will be played by Stephanie Reese (Miss Saigon in Germany), my daughter.

See you in March 2015 at the CCP.

Musical Theater concert videos

Youtube channel has been bussy lately with updates of songs from concerts around Metro Manila, here some for your enjoyment.


The Impossible Dream at Fisher Mall Philippines

Fisher Mall Philippines had musical Jekyll & Hyde

Humanist plug in for persuing the Impossible Dream of Man from La Mancha

This is the moment powerful version

Sandy from Grease in the Philippines on a bike

Bring him home from Les Miserables by Kuya Manzano

Hope you enjoy, comment and share! TY 🙂

Grease the musical in the Philippines by 9 Works theater company

9 Works Theatrical brings us the original High School musical: Grease!

Got in excited to watch a classic we all know very well. I guess it’s hard to revisit a play that everyone knows so well. Tho I guess the younger audiences still didn’t even watch the movie probably 😀
The producer Santi Santamaría told me before entering that it was a bad show haha. He used some irony but for a second I believed him and thought I was going to watch something he wasn’t convinced about. But not at all.
I was offered a back seat and requested for the front row. I always say I want to have the actors spitting at me as they sing 😀
Total blast of energy from the company as curtain goes up! Dancing, singing and really enjoying the classic musical.
Congrats director Robbie Guevara for achieving this in an original way. Glad ‘coz I’ve seen Grease the musical in several countries and it’s always different and fresh like this time. He really sharpened up the intentions of individual actors. I really appreciate that! Some would say… duh! But I can tell you it’s just some directors who do this and give consistency to the whole play.
Lucky enough I don’t know who are celebrities and who not in the cast (promise to catch up with that some day) there are some actors that super stand out.
Reb Atadero does a great job from the beginning. While dancing, singing and acting he always has his character. And you can see how he enjoyed mooning us, oh yes, showing his butt to the whole world many times hahaha. Had seen him before perform in the Woman in Black where he was also great.
And the female Oscar goes for Carla Dunareanu. German and now for good Filipina actress, radio host, model and anything she feels like ‘coz she is a true performer and determined person who takes her job super seriously. Just check any of her works. She starred in Repertory Philippines’ Boeing Boeing last season and totally stole the show.
Her role in Grease was Marty and she really squeezed the life out of it, including deep motivations that were probably not required and only a very observant audience member will catch. That’s why I love being in the first row J
Great energy from actress Ciara Sotto, daughter of the politician I was told. Good performing family! She can make you laugh with her original contributions, congrats!
Iya Villania has a beautiful singing voice for musicals, solid! And as an actress she really had the character from the beginning. Hope I can work together in some moment. Seems like a strong personality to deal with, at least on stage haha. Scary and powerful.
Musical direction by Joseph Tolentino. Another bravo! Risky to visit a classic and hard to direct from behind the singers and with the orchestra divided on both sides of the stage. Sounded great.
Congrats all company and crew!

December 2013, Manila.

Why to watch Camp Rock the musical in the Philippines

Coz Nel Gomez is awesome in his role, you sure know him from TV. Now he strarts a solo singer career and I’m sure Camp Rock helps him a lot coz he really gets to showcase his dancing, acting and singing.

Coz Repertory Philippines is the longest English running company in the Philippines (45 years old) and this is their 413th production. They and PETA started long time ago.

Coz Ms. Baby Barredo, the founder of Rep and theater legend, gave pointers personally several times to the performers.

Coz it’s directed by Audie Gemora, director of High School musical, so if you love that one, you’ll love this one.

Coz you can see live cute Markki Stroem. Actor also in Slumber Party the movie we both open Nov 29.

Coz the cast is full of energy and first time super happy performers. I’m glad I made a good job announcing the auditions so lots of youngsters came.

Coz the costumes are by Raven Ong and he’s always a sure bet. Check the costumes in Wizard of OZ, amazing. We met doing Peter Pan the musical in Meralco theater, he totally nailed it there as well.

Coz it’s a cute story about romance and following your passion. I always enjoy films and plays of people who work hard and succeed.

Coz there’s a cool dance challenge offered by Justin Valiente to Nel Gomez.

Coz Morissette, the female lead is so pretty aside from singing great, nice belting. And acts in a very believable way.

Coz you will laugh a lot with the acting of Jeff Flores. Never met him, and I really look forward to watching him again or working with him in the future.

Coz it’s full of pretty people. Did I say with  A LOT OF ENERGY? Like Justine Peña. 😀 personal crush.

Another important discovery as an actress for me is Kiara Dario. She’s only 14 years old and OMG, there is an actress there. Super talented. Lets all follow her career from now on.

Don’t wanna leave out good performers and friends coz there are so many so I won’t detail anymore. Good job!

Coz there’s a lot of shows you can still watch. Check all of the performances here: